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Communist statements

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Posted by snkkpr01 on May 11, 2003 at 02:03:23:

In Reply to: Communist statements posted by MsTT on May 10, 2003 at 23:13:15:

::To all those who think that venemoid surgery is wrong stop reading this right now.

:Whether it is wrong or not, it is illegal when done with Playdough and "surgical" tools from Ace Hardware on a kitchen table. If a non veterinarian started declawing cats for money using inappropriate instruments and inadequate pain medication, he would rightfully be fined or jailed or both. The only reason Mr. Ritchey is not in jail is that he practices on venomous snakes, animals for which most people including law enforcement officials have no interest or sympathy.

Have you been there while he does the surgery, have any of you seen it first hand. If so then I will except the statements if not then take the playdough and ace hardware comments and throw them out the window.
::Budman I dont know you and really dont care to. You have your opinions and we have ours. For you to push your beliefs on us and tell us that we are WRONG is communist statement. I live in the USA and I am proud of it. You nor anyone else has the right to tell me that your belief is right and mine is wrong.

:So if I wanted to torture puppies for fun and profit, anybody who told me that this was wrong must be a communist? We already have laws in the United States that specifically forbid animal cruelty and practicing inappropriate cosmetic surgery on animals for money without a license. That doesn't mean this is a communist country; it means that we have certain standards for the humane veterinary treatment of animals.

I know for a fact that many people out there dock tails on puppies and are not fined for it,most of the time it is on a back porch with a pocket knife. But we all know that this is not about torturing little puppies or kitties. It is about a snake. If you guys are so woried about the "animals" then open all your cages and set everything free. Then you have no reason to RAG on anyone about this.
:: If this post means that I am going to get telephone threats then so be it.

:I've had people make telephone threats to me when I refused to stop talking about something they didn't like. I laughed them off because people who make telephone threats are impotent cowards who aren't worth paying attention to. However if these alleged threats that appeared on Mr. Ritchey's machine really exist and he feels frightened by them, I certainly suggest reporting them to the police. Explaning to the police why the threats occurred might lead to interesting legal consequences for an unlicensed kitchen table surgeon however.

Make up your mind is he a garage or kitchen table surgeon.
:: I know that whatever you do is your decision, but I hope that you will not let these spineless slugs push you into quiting.

:I would hope that the fact that what he is doing is illegal would be a reasonable motivation for quitting.

:I hear Mr. Ritchey saying that he wanted to educate people about venomous snakes and help change attitudes towards them. That is a commendable goal, but what I actually see him doing is selling a large number of mutilated animals to private sector dealers for profit. That is not so commendable. I applaud his decision to stop performing inappropriate surgeries on healthy animals.


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