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Re: Cali Kingsnake - problems with feeding and handling - Help!

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Posted by pauljordanuk on April 04, 2002 at 05:24:30:

In Reply to: Cali Kingsnake - problems with feeding and handling - Help! posted by Laura on April 03, 2002 at 17:32:34:

I once read an article that provided a method of taming aggressive corns/kings. Here goes it worked for me anyhow.
Dont attempt to handle the snake with bare hands again until you've done the following. Get a pair of gloves (preferably light ones) throw them into the snakes house. Leave them there for a couple of days - the snake gets use to them and then looses fear for them. After a couple of days - put one of the gloves on leaving the other glove in. Put gloved hand in & See how he reacts - dont push it at this stage as then u're back to square one- if he shows signs of stress or aggressiveness just keep hand in glove in snake house for a while but dont move it. If he shows no fear and is more inquisitive then try to hold him. Dont move fast or bring hand over his head suddenly, but be firm. Let him move on the glove. It should take about a week to get this far. maybe 3 days gloves in house, then 3-4 days of glove on hand. After more confidence is gained by snake, use other glove for handling. Handle for at least 15 mins each day. eventually he should become used to this handling and not see you as a potential predator. Once the snakes is used to the gloves and is comfortable (you'll know when this happens), then try latex gloves use one on one hand and the "original" glove on the other. He'll try to stick to the original glove (he feels safe there) but will become inquisitive about the other and will soon enough explore this one. When hes upto this stage then use 2 latex gloves and repeat this process working towards no gloves at all. Full process may take upto a month, but worked for me. I had a savage corn snake, but eventually "tamed" him. I followed this process. This is no miracle "cure" but worth a go I think.
Feed him food item 1 - 1 1/2 the thickest part of his body. If hes eating freely without regurge then its not all bad.
The reasons he'd bite you are either,

1) Food scent on you. Only needs to pick up on a few molecules of food and hes in kill mode.
2) Sees hands/fingers as predator, so he'll attack them.

Hope this helps

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