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Joe....I apologize if I seem that way.......

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Posted by Todd Evans on May 14, 2002 at 01:14:03:

In Reply to: Todd Evans: Why are you .. posted by Joe Hoeuffman on May 13, 2002 at 12:56:28:

Sometimes the written word is a little to dramatic for some. We've noticed even in e-mail correspondence within our society that sometimes words that are written without the ability for facial expression or tone are taken to be more than they really are.

I do apologize if I came on strong with Shayna for example. The reason I posted my response to her was that I got the intention that she didn't like the answers we gave. Unfortunately, The answers we gave were the only answers available. I mean, I'd love to tell her that there are about 25 reptile shows in the area, but truth is, there aren't. The responses to Chris....were a joke, and Chris understood that. As for the other posts that are on this forum, there are but a few that I responded to with tact and educated for the whole Zac exchange....that WAS a mistake...

This reminds me of another thing I tend to do that can be misconstrued....I capitalize things even if I'm not intending on them being "shouting" as is accepted in the internet world. I try to emphasize the points of my posts with capitalization due to lack of time to go through using HTML code to add the bolding or underlining aspects that mey be more accpetable for emphasis.

The impression I got from Shayna's post was that she got the answers and wasn't happy with them. I pointed her in the direction of the answers, but when she posted that she was dissapointed, I assumed (wrongfully I guess) that she never FOUND (there I go again) the answers she was looking for.

As happens so many times on these pages and other information rich forums, people tend to be a little lax on their ability to look up information for themselves. For instance, on the Ball Python forum, do a search to see how many people asked questions pertaining to the feeding problems of ball pythons. Sometimes you'll even find the same questions asked just 3 posts earlier......the people asking for the second time didn't even bother trying to see if somebody else answered the question before asking it again. As with Shayna's case, a show in our area would probably be found on the events list......had she asked the question in the form of "I know about the Pittsburgh show, but are there any other......" I would have not been so short with my reply. It's like the people that come on a forum and say, "I know NOTHING about cobras, so could you tell me everything you know." Ok, maybe that's a little extreme, but I'm sure you'd get a lot of answers with the main point of being "look it up yourself." While these forums are a great resource for information and debate (at times) it is not a place where people should come to simply learn EVERYTHING there is to know. Books and other resources are still proven just as, if not more, informational compared to these public forums. I've even seen instances where people asked for info, and somebody responded with a recommended book. The person that asked the question got upset because the answerer didn't answer his question (in his eyes)

Simply put, I do not MEAN (emphasis) to sound short with anyone in particular, I was just hurt initionally when a person who's question I answered sufficiently came back saying that she was dissapointed. On these forums, at times, people get offended when their questions are not answered, yet when you answer them with a response they don't want to hear, they might be equally offended.

Thanks for your concern and I'll probably reread my posts before hitting the submit button....

Thank you
Todd Evans

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