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Re: Next week's meeting and other stuff.....

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Posted by Lisa on February 11, 2002 at 02:28:04:

In Reply to: Re: Next week's meeting and other stuff..... posted by Todd Evans on February 10, 2002 at 04:58:11:

: First......why WON'T you be're probably closer to us than most people.....hitch a ride with Jason if you don't want to drive....e-mail me for his #...........

Um... like..... I work nights... at the RIDC park... in Fox Chapel/Blawnox... and while my bosses at various levels have been totally accomodating for 2.5 years as far as leaving work to attend meetings (especially since I am an officer)and then returning to work afterwards - that was when the meetings were in Frick Park or Nuin Center which is like 10 min. from work.

(Remember when I vehemently opposed you're wanting to move the meetings out your way? That was because it would effectively end my ability to participate in meetings - and the whole reason for meeting in that general area is that it *is* centrally located for *ALL* members.)

My mandatory overtime isn't really mandatory for awhile, we have a small lull in our workload, but most everyone is crunching real hard Mon.-Thurs. for three day weekends. I refuse to work alone in the building late at night, but if someone else is working Fri. night, I will come out on Wednesday for the meeting, but don't hold your breath, (you'll turn blue!).

What was the reason for Nuin not being available, and has anyone made arrangements there for future months, yet?

Has anyone placed ads for the show?

BTW, I replied to something said in an old conversation you and Chris had back in Jan. - I figured maybe you didn't see it (about the newsletter, etc.) I just wanted to point it out, so you went back & read it...

: I know it's basically pointless to write directly to the API, but I'm basically trying to make the point to them that there ARE people out there that wil dispute their facts.....maybe after they lose in Washington, they won't go for us or anyone else, realizing that we may be more organized than they never know what could happen.....besides, there are SO many more people going through legislative channels, and the replys they've received are VERY positive......

: Now, as far as the drafting of a bill......does anyone else have objection to the Florida system or a similar one. The main thing we could gain from this is the fact that WE are taking responsibility for our actions. We would PROVE to the Pennsylvania Legislature that we understand the public image that our hobby has, and that we strive to do something about it. I mean, personally we would all be grandfathered (or grandmothered) in, and we could take the opportunity to teach people the proper ways to handle venomous animals (and receive some FREE cleaning help at the same time) I mean, that is one of our objectives right, to educate.....

Uh, duh... (ok, call me ignorant)... but what's the Florida system - remember, big and/or venomous isn't my bread and butter, so I don't keep up on other states' regulations ( I barely keep up with PA's)...

: I don't know, I just have this fear that if we don't take a proactive approach to legislation that there will be a bill that could hurt all of us. We might as well make it on OUR terms.

I totally agree.

: As far as the show.....some of the vendors have in fact asked us to lower our prices on tables...(Pittsburgh did) so it's obvious that they don't make what they thought they would.....we need to discuss this at the meeting........I've already received replys from Chris and Ron....they both said they would be here.....Beyond Utopia will be there as well, heck most of us live here (Todd, George, Nicki, Mike, Kristen, Jason. I haven't heard from Denes, John (assuming he won't show Ralph, or anyone else.....if somebody could please give them a ring and tell them what's up, I'd appreciate it.

I managed to go to the last Monroeville show (I almost succumbed to a *very* tempting impulse buy - but it wouldn't have been wise)... anyways I saw John Wood there and he said he was planning on going to our show on the 16th, as am I...

: Thanks all
: Todd

: Lisa.....Please try to make it.......we need the voice of uh reason.......kidding, it was a joke, don't hit me......too hard

Don't plan on me being there... and I can't hit you anymore - remember? :P


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