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Chacoan Waxy Monkey Frog

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Posted by maryannimal on May 08, 2003 at 12:56:10:

In Reply to: Chacoan Waxy Monkey Frog posted by Derek Benson on May 07, 2003 at 15:38:52:

::I currently own a waxy named Marvin and he has not been eating in the last few days. At first I thought it was out of laziness (he usually waits until the crickets are right in front of him before he goes after them), but after seeing a bunch of them in front of him at one time and not once has he gone after one, I've been getting kinda worried. He's looking kinda skinny and it scares me. This might sound kind of stupid, but about 5 days ago I noticed a bunch of long, white, stringy waxy stuff falling off of him and thought either (a) that's just the wax that he secretes or (b) maybe that was him molting and that is why he hasn't felt like eating lately. The reason why I kinda don't think it's the wax he normally secretes is because so much of it was coming off and falling on to the ground and usually they just rub it all over themselves. Know what I mean? Seeing as how it's hard for me to find much information on this type of frog either on line, in books, or from asking people at pet stores, I figured this would be the next logical place to ask. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks a lot.

::P.S. I also have a question about humidity. I have read on some web sites that their cages should be sprayed once or twice a week. Others have said to never spray. Does anybody know which is right?


: I keep 3 waxy monkey tree frogs and love them. It sounds to me like the stuff hanging from the skin is their waxy secretions. My frogs have it all the time. Is Marvin a wild caught animal? I lost a wild caught maybe 3 weeks ago, from a bacterial infection. Has he been in his water source lately? Mine soak almost every night, perch on the water dish and eat some crix. Molting may be another possibility, but I doubt this because he would be more fat and not get skinny if he were healthy. I would take him to a vet ASAP to see what's wrong and maybe some wax worms to help him gain weight. As for misting, never mist him. Theya re from the area of South America called the Gran Chaco where it is very warm and dry. I'm currently e-mailing a guy in uruguay who is helping me with temperatures and he said they can bask in full sunlight with hot winds. So, don't mist unless you get more and want to put them in a rain chamber to breed. As for info on the internet, I just made a web site. The link's below, tell me what you think, and anymore questions, just ask

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