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same species?????

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Posted by Double J on April 30, 2003 at 22:08:06:

In Reply to: Green Tree frog today posted by chuckelliott on April 30, 2003 at 20:18:07:

To clarify, they are the same genus, not the same species. I understand chuck, that it is a minor mix-up. I have no problems with people mixing greens and greys, and I doubt there will be any problems with a Hyla regilla with a green (correct me if I am wrong here Colchicine). Though i I am not mistaken, greens are an easterm species, while H.regilla is a western species, though Colchicine, feel free to chime in once again. The US is a big country either way, so regardless of political boundaries, these frogs may live quite far away from each other, though I could be wrong. But I will add Chuck, that simply mixing frogs of the same genus is generally not OK. Here come the examples. First, you could not mix a Hyla boans with Hyla cineraea, as the little green would be lunch in two seconds flat. Let's not forget what would happen if you were to put a Ceratophrys ornata with a large Ceratophrys cornuta. Even better, a bullfrog will make a quick meal out of a little leopard frog, despite the fact that they are both members of the genus Rana, and can have habitats that overlap. But even going so far as mixing Dendrobates with Dendrobates, Phyllobates, or Epipedobates, you wll have loads of troubles. Inter-genus and intra-genus mixing in the family Dendrobatidae often brings along inter-species aggressions resulting in bullying for territory and food. These stresses will also often inhibit breeding. Interestingly enough, it is often the smaller frogs like Dendrobates imitator that end up bullying the larger species of Dendrobates. Anyway, I don't think your generalization was accurate, and plus, just because one "so-called expert" gets away with breaking the rules, does not mean that frog death will not catch up with the next 250 people who attempt the same thing. Anyway, I am sure this is one of the mixes, that may be the EXCEPTION to the mixing rules, but I am sure Colchicine or Markc will chime in as they are more knowledgeable about native American frogs than I am. And one more thing, Chuck was right about NOT releasing the H.regilla back into the wild if you do decide to make him a captive.
Double J

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