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See Ya (?)

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Posted by RussS on April 23, 2003 at 13:53:59:

In Reply to: See Ya (?) posted by amyjk on April 23, 2003 at 10:46:00:

::1. 6 years and answered the same 5 questions everyday...
: yes, same questions......

::2. Well- That comes with the job when people go to forums. Everyone starts somewhere at some point in this hobby. Or any hobby for that matter.
: Before you start a hobby that involves live animals, do your research before you buy an animal you know nothing about! And if youre going to ask a question and get a reply you dont like, dont try to cover your butt by saying you already know! If he honestly has successfully kept RETF, then he knows better than to mix.

::3. It is clear though, that you have grown into a forum troll. You lash out at people, get defensive and mad, then tell them to leave.
:no, people ask a question, mark answers them, then they get all mad when he doesnt tell them what they want to hear.

::4. How does that make other people want to come here and learn and grow this forum into something more productive? It can't.
:its not marks job to "make this forum more productive"

::5. Alot of you people here have alot of knowledge and I respect that. But it doesn't mean you have a right to be put on the Kingsnake Forum Troll pedestal and put all the newbies down.
:where in marks orginal post does he put anyone down?

::6. You have to get used to the same questions. Especially after 6 years??? Then who's fault was it for staying that long?
:people that don't do their research make him stay here.

::7. Give these people a break.
:like how? be all sweet in replies and tell them what they want to hear?

::8. But then again, it doesn't look like these forums are moderated or have rules... so it's typicals for trolls to hang out. Yah, you are a troll. A knowledgeable one. I know and can see you try to help people. And you are blunt about it. that is perfectly fine. I respect that. But the attitudes are uncalled for.
:when you registered, did you read and agree to the contract? Those were the rules. but to call mark a troll, lol. you're right, he's blunt and to the point, and he knows what he is talking about. If you don't like his honest, to the point replies, oh well. He doesnt beat around the bush.

:::::::then why did you ask such a stupid question if you know everything! you just want to stir the pot. ok. go away. I have given advice on this forum for 6 years or so. I have answered the same 5 questions every day. and redeyes are not the easiest frogs to keep, by far. luck has something to do with it too.

:::::::Never wanted any trouble or "to stir the pot". Just had a simple question and was trying to meet some keepers. I used to work with and breed different Arrows and just got back into frogs a few months ago. Didn't know frog people were so hostile.
:::::::I don't understand Derek what you mean??? Please elaborate. Like I said, just a question about mixing frogs.


:::::You're the one that marched in here on a high horse.



:::Elaboration- You came and asked a question that's asked every day (check posts below before asking) and then came back with an attitude like"I know" even though you asked the question. You tried to cover your back.


First of all I never said I kept RETF's before. I said dart frogs. Secondly, if someone could point me to a care sheet on mixing frogs then I will read it. I did my research and didn't see anything about mixing species of frogs. Okay, okay it is a general rule never to mix different animals with each other, but the fact of the matter is some people do. Double J gave me some good facts about it and now I know. Lastly, I never criticized Mark's knowledge of frogs and I welcome the information. Besides whether there was a post or not, is it so wrong to ask a question on anything. And if other articles exist about the same 6 questions then why do we keep asking them?

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