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Short, sweet, to the point. Mark's answer was not rude.....

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Posted by RussS on April 23, 2003 at 08:37:05:

In Reply to: Short, sweet, to the point. Mark's answer was not rude..... posted by Double J on April 22, 2003 at 23:33:37:

:I see nothing wrong with mark's post. Look Russ, I am not trying to "make an enemy" here, I am merely stating that Mark was correct in what he said. It seems that you put attitude into his post that was just not there. I totally agree with what he said, as you could have scrolled half-way down the forum to find your answer, or checked the archives. Plus, if you read the rest of the post wihtout assuming it is "snotty", you will find it uite truthful and tactful. Hey, I am not trying to come down on you, I am just trying to say that Mark's post was not intended to be rude. Please, read no attitude into my post either. Alright, I will attempt to answer your question.
:1) Can redeyes be housed with Darts?
:Answer: No. Redeyes need drops in humidity that would be unacceptable to a dart frog. Red-eyes need far more ventilation than darts, so much so that the tank would just be too dry/airy, and you would never see your darts. The amount of misting required for dendros to do anything other than hide would be too much for the redeye. Despite the fact that darts (D. auratus, D. pumilio) and redeyes come from the same geographical region, they occupy completely different microhabitats with different, temps, light levels, humidity levels, plants etc.)
:2)Can redeyes be housed with tomato frogs?
:Answer: No. They come from different continents, and will have completely different parasite loads, which each other will not be able to handle. Plus, with the adult size and voracity f tomato frogs, I would fear that the redeye would become a meal sooner or later.
:So, a basic rule of thumb is "do not mix amphibians"
:Amphibian "X" + Amphibian "Y"= Amphibian "dead"
:Death in a mixed tank may take 6 months, 2 years, 5 years, or even a week. And any death that does occurs within "X" number of years will often be dismissed as "old age" when this is often not the case. I hope this answered your question. And cut Mark some slack, he is a good guy who gives a damn about his and other's frogs. I may not agree with him on every aspect of frog keeping, though we do agree on the same general rules. And we both care about other people's amphibs, and don't want to see them die needlessly. So let's end this BS and have a happy forum again.
:Double J
:Thanks for the info Double J. That is what I was looking for. Maybe his answer wasn't rude and maybe I read into too much, but if he enjoys hanging out on the forum to answer questions, why be so short? I needed some info that I couldn't find on any care sheet. Thanks again.

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