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update.. green tree frogs..

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Posted by itsmearyn on April 02, 2003 at 15:43:10:

In Reply to: Re: potential green tree frog owner.. a couple questions posted by Becki on April 02, 2003 at 01:03:21:

ok, so.. i had my eye on two treefrogs at the pet store for about two weeks.. and i had been researching them online for some time before that.
i had my aquarium all set up, trying to make sure the humidity and temps were good.. i am a fish keeper, so i am used to setting up prior to putting any animal in an enclosure.
i am friendly with one guy at the pet store, and asked him to call me if anyone seemed very interested in the frogs.. and i got the call yesterday.. there was a small girl and her mother looking for a pet, and they thought the small cheap frogs would be a good start. BAH.
i went and bought them last night, and they seem happy thus far in their new home.. there is an artificial plant in there, and they seem to like hiding in it. i haven't seen them soaking in the bowl yet, but i hope to soon.
i'm so excited! yay!

:Let's do this this way....

::1. the people at the pet store have the poor gtf's in an enclosure with some very large (in comparison to the young frogs) anoles.. this is NOT a good thing, right?

:>>>>You're correct - GTF should be kept with GTF.
::2. i have seen here that the frogs should use the water bowl to sit in, etc.. but the ones at the store are only sprayed and never use the water bowl.. my opinion is that they are too scared to come down with the large, fast anoles all around. they SHOULD be sitting in the water?

:>>>>Yes, as a general rule they will come to soak in the bowl every night.
::3. i have read that young gtf's should be kept in a bare cage.. with just paper towels and a stick, along with the water bowl.. is this true?

:>>>>Damp plain white paper towels, shallow water bowl, an artificial plant - relatively bare while they are babies.
::4. the gtf's at the store have reptile bark in their enclosure. not only have i seen here that this is not recommended, but common sense also tells me that they could swallow some of the sharp bark pieces..

:>>>>You should not use small bark pieces as, like you mentioned, thay can be accidentally ingested and cause impaction. There are many safe substrates which can be used.
:it seems almost all the info i received from the pet store employees is wrong.. the store that i go to has an extensive amount of reptiles and amphibians, so their lack of knowledge is surprising.. is this common?

:>>>>Unfortunately it is the norm - you can almost never trust anything a pet store employee tells you about the care or set up of amphibians. Sad, but very true.
::5. should the frogs change color? i have seen them at a bright green, and also at a very dark brown.

:>>>>They do change colors - perfectly normal, however some extremes of this can be an indicator of stress or illness.
::i appreciate any info you all have. :)

:>>>>For a bit more detailed info about GTFs and their care, here is the link to the GTF page at my website, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Hope it helps! :)


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