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Re: Gaboon Viper

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Posted by JARRON LUCAS on February 23, 2000 at 00:06:21:

In Reply to: Gaboon Viper posted by Mercedes Denton on February 09, 2000 at 14:30:11:

: Hi
: I'm a contributing writer to CSUN's daily the 'Sundail'. Currently I am writing a story related to a woman named Anita Finch, 33, Van Nuys who died of a snake bite from her pet Gaboon Viper.
: Having talked to a professor here at college he has given me quite a positive outlook on this particular snake as he thinks it is one of the most beautiful he has seen.
: This woman also had four rattlesnakes, a hognosed sand viper and two copperhead snakes. Apparently other reptiles included gopher and king snakes.
: Shadowing this death was the fact that she did not have any permits for the snakes and, whether she would have been able to get permits is another matter.
: What I would like is the opinion of snake owners and lovers of the issue of having such snakes as pets. Realistically, how safe is it for a person to keep such a variety of snakes as pets?
: From personal experience how do other people react to you having snakes as pets?
: Does anyone have tips on how to handle Gaboon Vipers?
: Does anyone have any statistics on the number of Gaboon Snake owners in the state of Calironia?
: For anyone who answers my questions I am very grateful and, would appreciate if you left your name, the area you live, and the type and number of snake(s) you yourself own.
: I agree that the snakes Anita Finch owned were dangerous but, she seemed to have a genuine passion for them.
I knew Miss Finch , though did not know that she had non-native venomous

snakes. The hognosed snake was not a venomous snake
It is not a good idea to keep venomous reptiles.
People who choose to keep venomous snaked usually get nailed.
I've worked with venomous reptiles for 30 years and
have had many close calls and was really lucky.
Every one that I know that keeps venomous snakes has been bitten.
YOU HANDLE A GABOON VIPER and you will get nailed.
They are a short stuby snake and very muscular
and can pull out of your hand and bite before you can move. They are
like a rattlesnake.
you can call the Calif. Fish & Game on how many
gaboon vipers are in the state.
I live in the s.f. valley
I have 5 non-venomous snakes and they are for workshops for
the SWHS.
I have lizards, a mangrove monitor
4 Rhinoceros Iguanas two types
1 Green Iguana
1 Green Basklisk
2 Red Tegus
Reptiles are not pets like cats and dogs.
The only reptile one could call a pet is a
Bearded dragon. They make good pets
or get one of the TY Beanie Babies they make
great Pets.

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