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Water Depth, Temperture, Feeding, & Flooring

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Posted by Covenant on December 18, 2002 at 13:22:07:

Hello all. Me again. Welp you guys have told me to make sure the water depth isn't really deep which I havn't had my water depth that deep. My common snappers their water depth is about the depth of where most of them can lay on the bottom and strech their necks up and breath. The smaller ones they kinda have to stand up. Their all from the same hatching but I guess just a couple are runts or just plain smaller than the rest. Any ways my 2 hatchling Alligator Snappers they are in about the same depth as the Common Snappers. They can lay on the bottom and breath. Now my big Alligator Snapper he's in a water depth about a little above his shell. Not much though. I use Gallon jugs of Bottled spring water to fill my tanks. And well I ran out of water to put into his tank. Now for the temperture all of them are in Room Temperture with no heaters. It's about low 70s. Yes I keep my place a little on the warm side. The common Snappers they eat and eat and eat. Non stop. I put food in there and they are on it. Now I just got the Alligator Snappers yesterday so I need to time watch them. But one of the Hatchling Alligator Snappers he was angling for fish a couple times last night. Didn't see if he caught any thing though. And the big Alligator Snapper he was angling for fish also. I noticed his Angler is Brown not red like most that I have seen. And his underbelly not his shell just his skin has a slight pinkish tinge to it. Today I went and got him some 2 1/2 inch gold fish. Or baby koi nto sure what they are. I live right by a ware house that supplies most of the pet shops with Reptiles and small rodents and also fish in Va, NC, SC, MD, and some other states. Also they are the biggest dealer on the east coast of Worms for bait at bait shops. (So I get meal worms all the time no earth worms or blood worms or what ever) The ware house isn't open to the public but I used to work there and I'm good friends with the owners of the place. So I get all my stuff there for free. But I know every one says to not feed gold fish But I don't know what else to feed. The guy there said that if I got shiners (Bait fish) that they would all probably die with in a day. So not sure what fish to feed him. After putting the fish in there he ate 2 immediately. I have all my turtles in my computer room and so watch them while on the computer. He's still trying to catch the fish. Also I got a big can of Reptomin yesterday and I tried to feed it. My hatchling Alligator Snappers they didn't even notice the reptomin I put in there. And the baby Common Snappers a few you grab it then let go and some would turn away from it and others would gouble it down. So after trying to feed them that (Which by the way I fed them 7 dozen guppies yesterday too.) I went and got my can of meal worms and fed them about 20 or 30 and they goubled them right down. Any ways enough of that. My flooring in my hatchling Ally Snappers I have sand, and in my Common Snappers I have small rocks, and in my big Ally Snappers tank I have River rocks (Really smooth). Welp thanks for any in put you have.

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