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Re: Alligator Snappers I bought

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Posted by Accomplice on December 17, 2002 at 20:50:51:

In Reply to: Alligator Snappers I bought posted by Covenant on December 17, 2002 at 20:34:14:

Alligator snappers love using real logs for hiding spots. You can get one of those perfect half circle hiding logs from pet stores. They love 'em but they'll outgrow them. When they do outgrow them you can screw a small 2X4 into each end and elevate the entire log off of the tank floor. They'll push the logs around and may get them into a position that might allow escape though.

There is a thread about alligator snapper diets below that might offer some suggestions. Commercial turtle food, meal worms, crayfish (some people avoid them because of possible problems but they're natural prey items in the wild), guppies, baby mice, adult rats for larger snappers, etc. Some people toss roadkill into their snapper ponds. I found a fishery near me that sells fingerling (4-5 inch) bass, carfish and other native fish for about $15-$25 per hundred. Perhaps there is a fishery near you. Catfish have spines that I've heard can choke snappers at times so they may not be the best bet. In the wild they've also found snails, acorns and vegetation in the stomachs of these turtles. Vegetation should be offered. Does anybody have any suggestions as to which might be best?


:Hello all. It's me again. I just found this forum last ngiht or the night before and yup I can talk my head off. :) Hope ya'll don't mind. Any ways I bought 3 Alligator Snapping Turtles and 2 Soft Shell Turtles from a guy off of Kingsnake Classfieds. I bought them from him before I even knew about the Turtleman. These turtles are from the poster that is from LA. (State Initials) Guys name is Troy. I bought 2 hatchling soft shell turtles for $15 each. And 2 hatchling Alligator Snappers for $35 each. And also I ordered a another Alligator Snapper from him that he said had a shell length of 6 inches. It looks more like 8 inches. I bought him for $75. Plus $35 for shipping. So a total of $210. I paid through Paypal.He shipped them on Monday and they got here Tuesday morning at 10am. Airborn Express. All of them were very healthy. One of the Soft shells were already going after the guppies I put in there with them. Also one of the hatchling Alligator Snappers was angling for fish. It was so cool. (Yes they are in seperate cages. 2 softies in one, 2 Ally snappers in another and the big guy in another.) I havn't had an Alligator Snapper in about 10 to 15 years. I'm 25 now. The big guy he's a little thin not skinny but he could be fattened up. The guy I believe he had two more hatchling Alligator Snappers and also I know for sure he had another "6 inch". So if any one's interested I was treated good on the deal. Any ways should I do any thing speical for these Alligator Snappers. What kind of fish should I feed that big one? Right now I have minnows in the tank with him but they are small about an inch or a little more. I was told not to feed Gold fish. So my only other opinion really is Shiners. (Bait fish) Also is there any thing else I can try feeding the bigger one? And also can I get a suggestion about a heater to go into an aquarium for him? I only have about four to four and a half inches of water in the tank so it's not deep I need a heater that can lay down in the water. Maybe in a PVC pipe. Also is there any suggestions about what I can put in there for him to hide under? I have small river stones in there now as a bottom. Really smooth. But I feel bad for him. He looks unhappy. Maybe after I warm up the water and get some thing for him to hide under he'll be happier. Any ways thanks for the suggestions.

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