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Brian: a question, and a correction about meds....

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Posted by icequeen on May 12, 2003 at 07:50:04:

In Reply to: Dill posted by Brian-SFCRC on May 12, 2003 at 06:32:08:

Is it just my interpretation of things, or were pretty excited when you typed your post to me?

That is SO cool that you can tell that she's a female! Somehow I just knew she is.
But...what the heck does this mean: a C/A BIOMETRIC RATIO of .63?

I wasn't TOO concerned about her weight...only to the degree that she does appear to me to be much smaller than the PTS I see on line. And at 390grams, compared to some of the biiiiig 800gram PTS, I was worried that she was under the weight that she should be. But I never saw any profoundly bony areas on her, thankfully!

About her feet...on the right foot she has two fully functional toes, and three small stubs. On her left foot, she has one functional toe, then her "bad toe" that doesn't do anything but seem to get in the way, and then three stumps, that are slightly longer than the ones on her right foot. On her back feet, she has four toes on the one foot, and five on the other. And I THINK I have those toes under control. They're pretty scarred up in a couple places, but other than that, they seem pretty good.

I also wanted to clarify about Dill's meds. She is taking POINT 2 cc's of the sulpha. I'm not sure if I said 2 cc's, or POINT 2...but it's definately 0.2cc's, twice a day.

Thank you for everything!



:Dill is absolutely beautiful! As They say..A picture is worth a thousand words. This tells me alot which I can share here.

:Dill is a female. I base this on the shape of her head and a C/A BIOMETRIC RATIO of .63.

:Dill is much healthier (especially this this a picture after you first got her) than I imagined. There is no Tresplod sign. In other words, she's not as thin and bony as a typical starved and/or sick PTS.

:She appears to have some digits on all feet. I thought once foot was just a stump. The original plan for the prosthesis will have to be scapped. I will try to think of something else.
:Good thing I didn't make it yet and sent it to you!

:As soon as I talk with Ron (He's part of the SFCRC) I will contact you.



::This is Dill right after we brought her home from the pet shop. You can sort of see her really bad toe, and the tight band of skin around it in this picture. It's the second toe in on her front foot. Notice how the claw on that toe is turned to the side, rather than under her foot like the others (well, there ARE no others on that foot...I mean in comparison to her back feet).
::Each of those dark spots part way down her back toes are also bands of unshed skin. BUT...those ones are GONE now! I was able to remove them with lots of soaking, and massages with vegetable oil, and with the GENTLE help of a toothpick.
::You can see in the second picture that she is missing three of the toes on her right foot as well.

::I wish now that I had of taken close up shots of her feet, so I could have picture record of how far things are coming along!


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