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Message to Iwana

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Posted by iwana on April 25, 2003 at 21:17:29:

In Reply to: Message to Iwana posted by Flavia Guimaraes on April 25, 2003 at 08:54:02:

Hi there!

My babies seem to be doing fine but are still acclimating. Your little girl is so adorable! You're so lucky to get to start with a baby. Mine are wild-caught adults, but we hope to have babies from them this summer. :-)

They seem to be eating (the food disappears from the bowl) but I can't tell if it's only one eating or both, and they never come out during the day, except I saw the female come out briefly twice to explore. She is very active and alert! The male seems to just stay in his hide. It's been a week now since we've had them so I think I'll "unearth" them to check and see if they're okay.

I have also noticed that my tribs seem to be eating the greens! We also have iguanas so we always have a prepared veggie mix with greens, shredded carrot and other veggies, and I always put some at the bottom of the food bowls for our insectivorous lizards, so that the bugs can have something to eat... while they wait to be eaten. LOL And I *have* noticed nearly half the veggies were gone, as well as most of the bugs! I thought maybe I was just nuts or something, or that the vegs were just drying out and *seemed* like there were less of them, but since you mentioned that, then I guess I'm *not* going crazy! LOL

I hope the tribs start coming out more and I'm looking forward to them being acclimated so I can take them out every now and then. :-)

Sounds like you're really enjoying yours!


:Hi, how are your babies doing?Mine is doing great!
:I think my girl doesnt like to be in a wet place so much so i covered the bottom of her cage with rocks, pebbles, the same that is used for aquariuns.Its cold but its not wet.I discovered she didnt like so much moisture because i often saw her on the only dry place she had in her cage.But i put a huge and shallow bowl of water for her to get wet whenever she wants.

:The room temperature cannot be very warm because she becomes lethargic.
:As i cover her cage during the night she is becoming active during the day.
:She still freezes when i handle her but not so much.I must be extra careful because when i think she will freeze she starts running like crazy!I have had her for 5 weeks now and she is getting fat!
:I think she likes greens also, the same i give to my iguana.I have seen her snout with tiny pieces of collards on it.!!LOL!!
:I love my girl so much i ordered 2 more crocs skinks, a male and another female.

:She eats her poop so i almost never see any poop around.Its difficult to see her eating but ive already seen mine eating 2 mealworms at the same time.But i never saw her eating crickets.I even think she is afraid of the crickets so im not giving her any cricket anymore.When the cricket die its body decays very easily in such a wet environment so i decided to stop giving her crickets and stop with such a humid cage.

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