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Re: I need some input on this one from everyone

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Posted by Steve g on October 20, 2002 at 22:42:50:

In Reply to: I need some input on this one from everyone posted by richierich2069 on October 19, 2002 at 16:44:36:

:OK I am in a situation where I donít know what to do ... I have been breeding snakes for about 6 years now and have been shipping out all different reptiles & amphibians of all types and sizes for about 4 years and not once have I ever had a problem where I need to give a refund ... So getting to my situation, I sent out a snake this past Wednesday 10/16/02 for over night delivery to Court Glenville, WV . On Thursday 10/17/02 (day of expected delivery) I received an e-mail from the person who was receiving the snake saying it has not arrived to its destination as of 7:30 that night. So I proceeded to call the carrier and they stated that there was no over night deliver for that area it would arrive at the destination on Friday 10/18/02 (no big deal it was sent with 2 36 hour heat packs). Around 2:30 today I got a phone call from the carrier stating that they didnít know how to get to the location of delivery. So, I e-mail the recipient of the snake and explained that they would need to call into the carrier to give them directions, due to not receiving the e-mail until later or not calling in until later, the delivery had to be post pond till Monday 10/21/02. The receiver sent it back to me knowing that it would not be back to me till Monday 10/21/02 and did not e-mail me to schedule for Saturday delivery. I received an e-mail later on Friday 10/18/02 from the purchaser asking for a full refund, due to also stating that I put the wrong address on the shipping label and that is what the problem was with the shipping. I know I did not put the address wrong on address label and to prove it to the receiver that I did not. So I copied and pasted the invoices of payment through pay-pal where the receiver provided there address for shipping and you can plainly see that it had no apartment # on it. So now I donít know what to do with placing a refund, how much if any? Who is at fault? What if the snake dies? I need some input on this matter, because I never have been in this situation before Ö Thanks In Advance Ö Rich

Rich, it looks to me that the buyer dropped the ball by giving you an incomplete address. If the customer is now refusing delivery, I would try to get the animal back, and negotiate a refund. To avoid this very situation that happened to you, I ALWAYS RE-VERIFY shipping info before any shipment is made. This includes info that the buyer himself gives me, much less a payment service like Pay-Pal. Furthermore, I always get confirmation that someone will be there to accept delivery. To have an animal perish due to a typo or oversight on shipping info, is simply unforgiveable. Hope you can work things out with your customer..................Steve G.

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