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Re: Successful ship, here's how I did it.

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Posted by Jennewt on January 13, 2002 at 17:50:58:

In Reply to: Re: Successful ship, here's how I did it. posted by will on January 10, 2002 at 21:51:25:

: : Great work, looks like you did your homework first. I like the idea of having them hold it for pickup. Since I often miss deliveries, I think I'll try that next time I'm receiving.

: : I'm not sure it's so important to take them to the PO before noon. As I understand it, all Express mail goes out at 5pm (or similar time, depending on the specific post office). I don't think it helps to get them there before 4pm.

: :
: : : If you are as clueless on how to ship geckos/small herps as I was a few days ago, here is how I did it:

: : : First, I bought a plastic critter keeper big enough for the animals. On the bottom of the critter keeper I put damp paper towels for humidity/water. I then bought a small styrofoam cooler at the grocery store, and put the critter keeper in that. There was just enough room to put some heat pads against the critter keeper (I bought the heat pads at sportmart. The longest duration they had was 12 hour, try to find longer if it's a long trip). I then put this in a cardboard box and secured it all into place with grocery bags and paper towels. I poked holes in the styrofoam and the cardboard box above the holes in the critter keeper for fresh air.

: : : On the outside of the cardboard box I wrote: "Caution: live reptiles, keep room temperature, handle with care." I also wrote what exactly was in the box, common name, latin name, and the phrase "Harmless, non-poisonous lizards". Lastly on the outside of the box, in big letters I wrote "HOLD at recipients post office for pickup". It is also important to tell the recipient to call their post office, explain what they are expecting and have them hold it (this is so the animals aren't stuck in a cold delivery truck for hours, as soon as they get to the post office, they can be picked up).

: : : With all that said and done, I brought it to the post office (USPS), paid for overnight express delivery, and sent it on it's way. It's a really good idea to get to the post office before noon, maybe earlier, so they can get it on its way overnight.

: : : Keep in mind, test fit the box with the cardboard and everything before you put the animals in it. Have it mostly set up, spray down the paper towels in the critter keeper, put the animals in, start the heat packs (either by shaking, or whatever you have to do), put it together, tape it up, and get it to the post office.

: : : Also, take a look at your weather page for the extended outlook. Try to bring them to the post office on one of the warmer days of the week.

: : : I hope this helps out, like I said, I was completely clueless and figured it out. I was able to ship from MN to CA successfully and the animals are just fine.

: : : /|rokh

: A couple of months ago I tried shipping express mail with usps and they wouldn't ship the reptiles. I even tried with an unlabled box and that didn't work. Have they changed their policy?
: Before 9-11-01, I was using Express Mail weekly.

How could they not ship an unmarked box? How did they know it was animals?

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