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Re: Submit Story Ideas to National Geographic TV

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Posted by James A. McDaniel MA on June 18, 2000 at 13:45:28:

In Reply to: Submit Story Ideas to National Geographic TV posted by Tim Zink on December 13, 1999 at 14:06:33:

I am sending this story idea to you in hopes that
you can work with me. I presently have this story submitted to Liz Merrick of the Story Development
Department in Washington, DC. I am simply trying to increase the potential for success because this idea will revolutionize the opportunities required to reestablish the ecological integrity
of the Earth where it has been damaged by pollution and toxins. Please read this synopsis and speak with your colleagues at NGTV. Just think
of the momentous changes that can be brought about
if communities are aware that they can actually be successful at restoring their regional environment. I recently completed reading a NG book titled Forces of Change. This book is full of echos of the same voice that is present in my documentary film SnowPack. Lastly, for this documentary to have the full potential it needs to be produced by a vehicle like NGTV, because of the viewership and the past success of NGTV. Thanks for your help and feel free to contact me if you need to talk.

James A. McDaniel MA

2222 East 8th Street, Box 107
Pueblo, Colorado 81001


A Comprehensive Overview of the Proposed
Feature Documentary Presentation



James Allen McDaniel MA

What is Snowpack?

Snowpack is a one-hour feature documentary presentation about the assault upon the ecosystem of the Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area. Snowpack documents not only the damage inflicted upon the precious natural habitat, but also the efforts of a group of people, from different and at times opposing and unique backgrounds, who join together to search for the answer required
to save the wilderness from inevitable destruction.
The Snowpack documentary offers positive resolution to the scourge of contamination that plagues contemporary humanity. Modern civilization has damaged the Earth with the careless dispersion of toxins into the biosphere. Snowpack will teach local communities how to preserve and care for the environment in their own region, and in turn improve the environment of the whole Earth.
Henry David Thoreau once said, “In the preservation of the Wilderness is the whole world saved…”

Visibility Studies, Overly Acidic Snowpack, and RAS

The Zirkel Wilderness lies due north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado and reaches to the Wyoming State border. The Mount Zirkel Wilderness is approximately 140,000 acres of pristine mountains, lakes, forests and high mountain valleys. Federal and State laws protect wilderness areas and national parks from compromised visibility caused by smog, haze and air pollution.
Snowpack illustrates the problem of abnormally acidic snowpack found during chemistry and visibility studies, being performed at many locations, to determine the cause of atmospheric haze and smog in the wilderness. During these studies
high levels of nitrates, sulfates and hydrogen ion concentrations (high acidity) were found in the wilderness snowpack. This concentration of contaminants is significant for a sparsely inhabited territory and remarkable for any wilderness region west of the Mississippi River.
Colorado is the first state in the history of the United States
of America to conduct a Reasonable Attribution Study (RAS) as outlined by the Clean Air Act. The study determines, through scientific research and analysis, who or what is responsible for the pollution in the wilderness. With pollution levels this elevated the Zirkel’s future appears bleak. Several comparable areas damaged by acid fallout are: Adirondack State Park in New York State, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and the Black Forest in Germany. To continue without interruption, the Zirkel Wilderness will suffer the same horrific fate as other regions already severely damaged by excessive acid deposition levels.

Zirkel Air Quality Study Collaborative or ZAQS Group

Snowpack displays the creation and operation of the Zirkel Air Quality Study Collaborative Group or ZAQS group. The ZAQS group comprises representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency, The State of Colorado Department of Health and Environment, the U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Forest Service, and The Zirkel Defense Fund. Other members of the ZAQS group are Sierra Club, the Environmental Defense Fund, the owners of the Hayden and Craig electric power generating stations, and local citizens.
These constituents do not always agree in ideology or philosophy. Nevertheless, the ZAQS group is unique because involved parties with different agendas and backgrounds have and are working together to develop a workable solution to heal and protect the wilderness. They are working together to manage the emission source within environmental regulatory parameters. The implementation of a planned methodology is being developed to properly arrest the acid deposition in the wilderness and reduce future harm that would develop damaging the fragile ecosystem.

Alternative Environmental Resolutions & The Snowpack Model

Snowpack will define and illustrate new technologies for energy creation to replace types responsible for causing pollution.
Snowpack will highlight contemporary, non-polluting methods for generating electric energy, and non-emission producing vehicles for transportation.
Snowpack will define advancements and technology for cleaning up existing coal-fired, steam-turbine, electric generating
stations. It will characterize the development of alternative consumer-managed energy for private production consumers. Solar, wind-generation and nuclear generation of electric energy will be offered as alternatives to coal-fired, steam-turbine electric generation. The pros and cons of each methodology will be discussed with experts in the field.
Snowpack will explain how employment statistics, social impact, efficiency and convenience are altered by technological innovation. The Snowpack model is a template for communities to follow, in acquiring knowledge and perhaps rectifying pollution problems they have in their own locale and region.

A Few Snowpack Details and Goals of the Producers

All over the world people face pollution and contamination from toxic substances of many kinds. In these regions opposing forces are usually deadlocked and cannot agree on how to eliminate the scourge that harms their land, air, water and both human and animal life. Pollution controversies cause philosophical and economic stalemates. When these stalemates endure, damage to the environment continues.
Snowpack is a dynamic and positive presentation that will encourage research, accomplishment and progress rather than apathy and inaction. Snowpack is an energy-packed “follow us on our adventure” type of show!
Interviews will be held on location in the unique beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Region, specifically the Zirkel Wilderness and the Yampa Valley. Some examples are:

 Deep snow-pits on top of the rugged, wind-driven Continental Divide.
 Quiet mountain lakes surrounded by serene mountain meadows.
 Aerial digital videography offering breathtaking scenes most dream of being able to gaze upon.
 Rare wildlife action photoplay shot throughout each of the four seasons and the list continues…!

It is the sincere desire and hope of the producers that the Mount Zirkel Wilderness will be preserved for future generations. It is the producer’s heartfelt belief that Snowpack will demonstrate
how humanity can and must work together and at once to stop the damage inflicted by contaminants on the natural world. It has been said that: “Humanity in the polluted atmosphere where they breathe, is like a fish swimming in waters being slowly poisoned…”
Snowpack will make a difference in the condition of the Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area and the Rocky Mountain Region.
Environmental responsibility around the globe will be promoted by telling the story of the few that honored the Mount Zirkel Wilderness in their attempt to liberate it from a destructive future.
Communities that employ the Snowpack model in their own region will locally enhance ecosystem restoration. The local environmental recovery will exponentially augment global- environmental improvements.
Thank you for your time and energy, and for your earnest consideration of this important feature documentary presentation.
The producers of Snowpack look forward to the creation of this
significant and essential story of conservation and preservation of
the Planet Earth.

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