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Re: pushy male crested

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Posted by RHACO-JACKO on October 21, 2002 at 11:48:57:

In Reply to: pushy male crested posted by djs27 on October 18, 2002 at 16:48:08:

Sounds to me that he is trying to mate. I may have indicated this in past posts but here it goes, back in August I witnessed one of my males (a voraciuos breeder) mating with one of my larger females. Well to make a long story short she wanted no part of him, the male had his mind set and proceeded to chase her. He finally got a hold of her (latched on to her neck), the next thing I know is the female is draging the male around the entire tank up and down and all around. Needless to say the male finally got what he wanted. I wouldnt be too concerned about the mating behavior, but keep an eye on the female. Mating can be brutal from what I witnessed.

Hey everyone,
:I've got a 4 year old breeding pair of crested geckos. I separated them about a month or so ago in order to give the female a break from laying eggs. They've been back together for at least a few weeks now. I havn't really noticed any breeding behavior, but I'm not concerned about this.

:Two days ago, the male was really picking on the female. I was gone all day, but my girlfriend said they were chasing each other. I noticed that it was odd that they were both up in the morning when I left. Anyways, I figured it to be mating behavior. It can get pretty rough sometimes. However, I saw the male chasing the female around. He was biting her all over and even hanging off of her. Well, I quickly separated them again. The female has injuries to her head: minor skin abrasions and some puffiness under the skin. I'm applying triple ab ointment and keeping her cage relatively dry (with a water bowl). I am keeping a close eye on her right now, but with any degredation in her condition, I'll run her to the vet.

:I don't really see why after all this time they decided to fight like this. He was really tearing into her. I am nervous about reintroducing them again in the future. Their cage is plenty big. It is 3ft tall x 1.5x1.5.

:Oh well... I'll just let her recover in peace.

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