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gosh I cant spell in the am........

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Posted by STARMOM on October 18, 2002 at 07:40:51:

In Reply to: Of course it will be beautiful! posted by STARMOM on October 18, 2002 at 07:38:40:

how many reptiles do you currently have now between the office and home and how long have you been a herp keeper? just curious?

:Its ok I confuse easily anymore, my youngest gets me up on my days off at 6:30am!!!!!! I naturally dont go to sleep if im off the next day till llpm or so, unless im totally whipped from the day.

:The fact that these homes can be made so beautiful and be a pleasing accent to our living space as well as homes to our buddies is a great thing, in the "traffic pattern" of our lives we get to enjoy eachotbers company, people/herps...

:my little girls (the leopard geckos) see out my attention all the time standing up and waving at the corner of the tank that im at.......currently one of my puters is in our "toyroom"/herp room and the tanks are next to the puter so i can see and talk to my buddies if im here or my girls can if they are playing a game on the puter...

:abby the crested is spending a little more time day by day in a more open location where we can more easily see her, she is still a bit hesitent (sp?) to come out and play but once I coax her out she does not want to go back home.....I notice she enjoys watching the kids programs, on my arm staring at the tv..

:anyway, how many gallons is that tank that your dragon is in??? what do the measurements translate to????



::sorry for "corn-fusing" you.

::The size of the cage is more than adequate for my beardie. As a matter of fact, that size of the cage is a BARE MINIMUM size for TWO beardies. (But if you didn't know this yet...I like to ensure that all of my lil buddies will have plenty of room to live-out a comfortable life)!!!!!

::What I meant by "temporary," was that the interior furnishings were temporary.

::You see, I'm gonna make the cage look REALLY COOL in a little while. (With substrate made of three different materials, a different colored background, different basking rocks and climbing wood, more "high temperature" plants, etc...).

::But all this MUST be secondary to my beardies safety. So I'll wait till he gets a "tad" older before I start to switch his enclosure around.

::Like I mentioned in an earlier's not JUST the animal that will be the center of attention. The terrarrium, IN ITSELF, must also be aesthetic to the naked eye. (After all, it is part of my living-room)!!

::Hope that helped to clear things up a bit.

::Sorry again for my lack of appropriate wording.

::In Christ: Raymond

::::Thanks, Sue.

::::And don't worry, I love to read LOOOOOONG long as they are "intelligable," and written well. (As are yours).

::::Anyways, here's a picture of the temporary enclosure for my beardie. And if you look real close, you'll see how tint he really is!!

::::Oh, and by the way...I made this cage as well. (Eighty dollars for the glass aquarium [which is 4x2x2], and about $40.00 dollars for the wood at "Home Depot").


::::In Christ: Raymond

:::::before I got my first herp, I was doing alot of reading about bearded dragons and leopard geckos. I origionally fell in love with old world chameleons, I kept seeing those cute little green babys in my local exotic shop and decided to do some information gathering.........

:::::Chameleons for as cool as they are dont fit my bill.......I used to have dogs, cats and birds before my first daughter was born but she was very allergic to furry critters, so for years we had none. I really ENJOY pets that I can interact with and TOUCH and HOLD, I soon found out that you cant do that with chameleons. Also I was reading that they were not really a good beginning herp keepers pet.......

:::::we got our chinese mantids (tendora sineosis) and I enjoyed him so much (very interactive insect) that I got serious about adding more critters to our collection (my hubby NOT thrilled)
:::::I met Dale the 2 y.o. leopard gecko at my local pet shop, was healthy, and tame but alittle beat up from the girls in his old home and was just sold back to the pet shop it was love as soon as he hit my hand, he is a love.........

:::::Then I added the two baby jungle leopard gecko girls and at that time met abbys dad and abby , and HAD to have her.

:::::but then I got that annual edition of reptile magazine with allan R's crested article and this is alot of info on bearded dragons and they seem so much the personality that I and my daughters enjoy....(my girls love the critters as much as their mom) Having herps is great, so different that the average persons pet, def. a conversation piece...I have had friends come over and meet my big guy dale the leopard gecko and be totally freaked out at first and even "scared" if you can imagine, but he "wins" them over every time and next thing you know they want to pet him and then hold him cool!

:::::anyway I could babble on forever, your dragon is so cute.....

:::::Im sure I will not come home empty handed......
:::::I have my eye on a 55 gal tank that has glass front and back and screen sides and top for around 100, I will have to get my hubby to build me a stand with shelves and a door for all my extra herp supplies, one for my future beardy and one for abby and her mate someday in the future......
:::::thanks for sharing your photo.....

::::::Hey Sue,

::::::I just received a pure, LEUCISTIC DRAGON, from Kevin, at "Dragon's Den Herps".

::::::He has officially been dubbed, "Barnabas," and is EXACTLY 5-weeks old.

::::::They are sooooooooo different from each other (in personality and actions), but are also sooooooooooo cool!!

::::::If you decide to go this route, you will not be disappointed. But remember, they will grow into a 4Wx2Dx2H enclosure to be comfortable when older. (Space is the name of the game).

::::::Decisions, decisions!!

::::::In Christ: Raymond

:::::::in white plains, I got a call that they (work) is looking for someone to take off that sunday (nov 3) and that is the weekend of the show..........

:::::::I recently had a bearded dragon dream, I think that they are also very cool.......been pondering adding one to my collection of critters..........

:::::::I know some of you also have dragons...........

:::::::Want a mate for abby but am gonna wait until she is bigger and im sure she is a she...........








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