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Re: Thank U ALL!!! :)

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Posted by Raymond Moreno on October 09, 2002 at 03:33:00:

In Reply to: Thank U ALL!!! :) posted by GECKOFREAK on October 08, 2002 at 22:33:57:


here are the steps (in my opinion):

1) Know what the average temperature is where you live, and get a species that will be comfortable in it. Unless you have the money to spend to ensure that you can CONTROL the environment that will be needed for your animal. (Like special bulbs, tubes, heating mats, etc...).

2) Once you've figured that out, find out what the living requirements are for that specific animal.

Is he arboreal or terrestrial? (Does he need a tall cage...or a long, low, cage)? Does he require humidity or not? (A water-proof enclosure, or a vented enclosure)? Does he need special lighting? (Regular incandescent bulbs, or full-spectrum flourescent tubes). Can you supply him with his needed sustenance? (Food). What about the space you have for the it large enough? (Or are you trying to "squeeze-in" his cage in a corner of your room, or closet)?

3) I believe that once you've established a proper "living environment" for your animal (which includes his cage being set-up, the temperature being correct, the lighting being figured-out, and his food ready to go) should be OK to purchase him.

Do not purchase the animal out of impulse.(Cuz I want him, and I want him NOW). Or just because you CAN. (This is not fair to the animal. And in "my book" falls under cruelty...and just plain, "ticks-me-off")!! Why? Because they'll probably die very slowly. (Which "burns me up" when I hear about his happening)!!!!!

So to recap the steps:

Make sure that EVERYTHING is in place BEFORE you purchase the animal. (I know that you can't wait till you have him there...WITH this very moment). But restrain yourself, and get everything set-up before you do so.

I would even go as far as having everything set-up (to include the lights and temperature), and have it running for a few days BEFORE you purchase your animal and place him in it. This way you'll be able to correct any deficiecies (thing that are incorrect), in his enclosure, "BEFORE" he's living in there.

As an example...let's say you purchased your animal and placed him in his new cage. And while he's living in his new cage, you see that the temperature reaches 125 degrees. Do you try to adjust the temperature while he's living there? Of course not!! If you did, he'll be "suffering" (and would probably die) while you're getting the situation corrected.

This is why you do all this BEFORE you purchase your animal.

And in closing...if you're looking at purchasing a Cresty...a 50 gallon TALL, glass enclosure, will be perfect for your cresty. Or even one male and two females. (1:2).

Do your research, and you'll be just fine!! But make sure you know what you're doing first.

And as an older friend who cares...try to work on your spelling a bit more. It's a sign of LAZYNESS when you are always abbreviating your words instead of spelling them out. (Like writing "u" insted of "you"). It also shows a lack of education!

Once you have a better grasp of your writing skills, "THEN" it's OK to play with the spelling. This way folks will see that you can write effectively, but are actively CHOOSING to write funny. (No watt I meen, Gelly-Been)? Ha ha.

Hope this helps.

In Christ: Raymond

:Is finding a suitable cage my first step in getting ready to purchase a crestie? Would a 50 gallon tall glass be optimum? Last thank you all for all your help I'll keep u updated!

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