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Re: cresty gecko

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Posted by cham14kid on October 01, 2002 at 17:41:30:

In Reply to: Re: cresty gecko posted by Tegan on September 30, 2002 at 20:27:05:

ok i have had it with this what in hell did i not listen to ??? im 15 and yes i made a mistake but i did listen to the people trying to help me rather then to start screaming bloody murder i did correct my leos and i did what every one told me i was under feeding them and as soon as i was told that they were bing underfed i did increase there food
but i got fed up with every day people yelling a me because my leos still werent in top shap
i meen do you all remember the holocost with the under fed jews when the us came and saved them they didnt feed them 10 times what they were fed because it would kill them im sorry if i didn do every thing fast enough but it didnt help that the boi was yelling at me for 3 weeks almost before i was told thats when i can in a posted and started to get help and i brought my leos up to top condition and got my eggs to hatch.
you all are yelling at me because of my mistakes but havent you all ever made any?????im 15 most of you are 25 30 and you all know you made mistakes when you were my age and you know that if some one did to you what you all were doing to me you wouldnt like it either
and yes you are going to say i wouldnt of made mistakes like that but thats not my point my point is people screw up i srewed up but i corrected my self
but you all say i want info handed to me when i ask what you all are doing with your animals because every one does somthing different and i wanted advice and wisdom from people that have been there done that , its not like i dont research the animals at all , and the only animals that i didnt read good enough on were the leos, my uros are healthy my chameleons are healthy
i dont know what else to do because you all acuse me of not reading yet oviously you havent read every post because some know im seaking help and the others like you yelling at me dont care what i have to say and dont care if i change or not you will always remember me as the kid that didnt care well for his leos
now is that how you are cause thats how you are acting
you all asked me why i wasnt out with friends and its because i dont get along with my pers well and i have a hot temper
you all back me into a corner n did you expect me to not retaliate? im sorry but that isnt me
but not taking care of my animals isnt either
so will you guys put what happened what 7 months ago behind and trey to help me because im trying to do what you tell me but i would like advice on things before i get them instead of like the leos that i got and was so exited about and they sleped all day and kept me up at night
so please help my cause dont through it in the umpster

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