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I had no idea I was so irresponsible!

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Posted by EricKlees on April 23, 2003 at 21:37:58:

In Reply to: I had no idea I was so irresponsible! posted by Allen Repashy on April 23, 2003 at 19:19:21:

Thanks for the input Allen. I was starting to get the feeling it was more opinion then anything. Anything I have ever bred I havent really worried much about age to breed (as long as mature and with good weight). I have never had any issues in the past as long as they had a few month rest period to recoup.

I will continue with the same philosophy


:Ok Mike,

:I have tried to bite my lip reading your posts, but I had to read this thread and see what was going on here.
:I really love this post of yours.
:"Breeding at 10 months is very irresponsible"
:I had no idea I was being such a bad keeper. I should run and check my 12 year old females that have produced 9 years in a row, because they could drop dead any day now that they know that they are working too hard.

:It amazes me that you consistently take your opinions and translate them as if they were the law. If you choose not to breed your geckos for 14 months thats great, but it is a crock of s$#t for you to tell people that any other way is wrong.
:You are a very narrow minded person if this the way you think.

:Just because I let mine breed when they decide to and that happens to be at 10-12 months, doesn't mean I tell people they need to breed them at this age.
:Maybe you can't get a female in good enough health and condition to breed as young as other people can. Maybe you did had some failures breeding animals at a young age. Thats your problem.... not everyones!

:If you look at Willie's phrase in his book, it is clear that he points out the "risk of wearing out prematurely" So what does this mean to you? that they all wear out. I have had many personal conversations with Willie, and Robbie, and if you ask them they will tell you that this "risk" can be avoided through proper nutrition. The statement is meant to be a warning to be observent for problems and insure proper nutrition. That is all.

:I assure you Mike, that there is nothing that concerns me more than the long term health of my geckos, so if you think my practice of letting them breed at a young age is "absurd" then all I can say to you is that you have a lot to learn and I doubt you will evr get it with such a narrow mind.

:All I can say to people who read this forum is to reach your own conclusions and take all the info you read here with a grain of salt because on the internet, everyone is an expert.

:I have no plans of continuing on this thread. I am not here to argue, and probably should delete this post, but it seems my practices have been "called out" on here, and I can't stand by and let it go on any further...

:Allen Repashy

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