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Re: What do you guys keep your rhacodactylus in? more>>>

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Posted by Gecko2525 on September 28, 2002 at 16:13:06:

In Reply to: What do you guys keep your rhacodactylus in? more>>> posted by Brandon on September 28, 2002 at 11:51:02:

I found this hope it helps:

Cage size and the fact that they live for 20 years should be kept in mind when thinking of adding a R.leachianus to your collection. For people thinking of breeding leachianus should know before hand that it takes 5 years for a male to mature and 6 years to mature a female in most cases. {The years listed above for sexual maturity apply to Leachianus in the wild and not in captivity}

Reaching a STV length of 8 to 10 inches make the leachianus one of the largest geckos in the world. Leachianus are an arboreal gecko, and in the wild are found at heights of 18ft to 36ft high in the trees.
Rhacodactylus leachianusI have found that custom cages are the way to go when housing adult leachianus. A cage 3ft wide, 3ft deep and 4ft high is perfect for adults. An adult pair can be housed in a cage this size, but I recommend that you only house leachianus together during breeding season. Other then that caging them separate seems to work best. For hatchlings and younger leachianus 10gal and 20gal glass tanks work fine. I am as guilty as the next when it comes to caging these guys. Ive had my adults housed 1per in tanks as small as 29gal-high and a 30gal-long.I have only had them breed and produce good eggs in a standard 55gal tank. Once the eggs were laid the male was taken out. My custom cages should be done by mid summer Cage set-up can be as easy or as complex as you desire. An example of a simple set-up is paper towel for a substrate with a few branches and a hide box. If you want to go with a more eye-pleasing set-up you can use garden soil, sand mixture for the placement of live plants. Once you have the plants planted where you want them you can use several different types of substrate as a top layer, spagna moss, cyphurus mulch, and repta-bark just to name a few. Thick branches are a must for leachianus. Bamboo and hollow cork bark to use in your set-up can be found at most pet stores, and if not there are many places online that offer it forsale. When setting your branches up in your cage keep in mind that leachianus are quite fond of vertical branches. Temperatures that equal normal room temps are fine for leachianus. If you feel your cage needs *extra heat* you might want to setup some hollow branches with heat-tape or heating cord installed inside them in a manner to where the gecko cant come into direct contact with the heat source. Daily misting will help you provide the humidity levels they need, and good ventilation and airflow will cut down on mold growth in your cage.Lighting is important even though R.leachianus are nocturnal. If you are using live plants in your cage then a Full Spectrum lite is a must. The addition of extra lighting of 12hrs on and 12hrs off will also help *cycle* your geckos for breeding season. Feeding is the funnest time here. The food I offer my Rhacodactylus geckos includes crickets, roaches, and pinkie mice. I also feed alot of different flavors of canned baby foods including banana, pears, peaches, apricots, and Hawaiian delight

*The cages are huge!!!!!*

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