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Posted by azteclizard on January 23, 2003 at 16:21:16:

In Reply to: last post.. posted by mikecoscia on January 23, 2003 at 12:28:01:

I will not email you. the debate started on a public forum, it will end here. Let me start by saying that it is sad that someone with a science degree and who is looking to teach, would rather believe psuedo-science over real science. So most web sites say 70% protein which is 95% digestible compared to 20% from meat protein. Does even one of them have references? It's real easy to say "research has shown", what research? was it ever published in a peer reviewed journal? I promise you that that line you quoted is meant to be misleading. The 20% IS the protein content and not the digestability. If you don't believe me go back to my chart. Divide the grams of protein by the wieght, and you get 31%. the value for protien does have a range, it was on several sites for spirulina as 60%-70%. I don't know where else to go with this debate. I don't beleive i'm the one being hard headed here. I'm trying to expose truth based on real science. I'm scratching below the surface of the websites you are presenting your info from(besides the USDA, you were on the right track). I'm trying to provoke you to do real research before presenting an argument, instead of dilly dallying around on websites with deceptive marketing claims.

"From that I figured out how much protein was digestible from the 1/8 cup (1gram). Compared to the 4 grams of meat chicken baby food in 1 jar of fruit. They work out to be
the same, but since spirulina has the vitamins and minerals that meat does not I am saying its superior IMO."

Ok, sticking with your math, they are the same. But, even 1/8 cup is a rediculous amount to mix with 1 jar of baby food. After going back and closely looking at the USDA data you provided, i started to wonder about the possibility of toxicity from certain vitamins and minerals. that is if one were to mix 1/8 cup of spirulina with 1 jar a baby food.
Another thing to look at is the bottom of each list: Protein Score: 100, 32% ideal. EAA score: 1.25. (this is for spirulina)
Protein Score: 100, 53% ideal. EAA score: 2.01. (this is for babyfood)
What do these values mean? I don't know, but i'm going to find out. I'm assuming that EAA is essential amino acid.

"I have raised numerous species of reptiles and amphibians using it, and I KNOW it works."

How do you know it works? Did you have control groups? Did you take other variables into account(such as what you gut loaded your crickets with, what other supplements you used)? HOW do you know it was the spirulina?
I'm done. You continue along your path and i will continue to stick my nose in textbooks.


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