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Re: I got the gargoyle from PMgecko.........

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Posted by STARMOM on January 13, 2003 at 11:33:22:

In Reply to: Re: we got the gargoyle and the cresty............more posted by STARMOM on January 12, 2003 at 18:51:44:

I dont know what I was writing, I got it from PM gecko not PMherps....
beautiful animal!

:For some reason lately the board does this posting before you are ready in a heartbeat......

:anyway we got the gargoyle from pm herps and I just noticed the little one is shedding !!!!!!!

:And the cresty we got from mike at gexfiles...

:we are calling the male cresty Jesse "sticky feet" Field, the sticky feet is because I told Rach that your named your sticky and Jesse has been climbing the glass since we got him in his new home, he is having lots and lots of fun! (I hope you dont mind us using the sticky of sticky feet)

:Maybe when you travel for work you can get a side trip to a herp show! it was really lots of fun! Im still pumped!

:The only thing that was good and bad was the usual obvious people with kids buying critters and NOT HAVING A CLUE! I saw this occur with tiny dragons on two occasions, and Rach and I talked to these moms and dads and offered advise on how to care for them and gave them this kingsnake addy to check out the bearded dragon forums and caresheet.........and a mom of a young boy that was going to buy him a veiled cham of all things, they obviously didnt have a clue and this dealer didnt seem to care which kinda bugged me, I tried to tell the mom that a veiled is NOT a pet for a kid by any stretch, and explained they DONT like to be handled, and suggested a leopard gecko instead. Im not sure if she listened or not.

:Then these people are bitching because now they have this dragon and find out how much more $$$$ they have to spend to keep it healthy and about dusting the crix etc, and I feel soooo sorry for the animal. But im a nurse and I KNOW you cant save the world you can only offer good advice and HOPE that they are really listening and there is not much more that you can do.

:Talk to you soon Ray and b.t.w did you resend the pics of your critters?
:Talk to you;

::Hey Sue,

::so what did you finally end-up getting?

::You mentioned the GARGOYLE gecko from "PM Herps"...and a breath later mentioned that your daughter INISTED on a CRESTED gecko from "Gex-Files". (So which one was it, the GARGOYLE or the CRESTY)?

::And don't leave us in suspense, let's see the photo's!!

::I'm really bummed-out, because I live in the San Francisco area, and there are NEVER herp shows here. Well OK...only one or two "PER YEAR - that are NOT within driving distance. (And I'm NOT driving 5 1/2 hours to the multitude of herp shows in the Los Angeles vicinity).

::And in closing, how is your beardie Delilah doing? Is she growing, and is she comfortable around you yet?

::Pictures, pictures.

::In Christ Raymond

:::I was suprised I even slept last nite, but I was up at 5am and worked all day...It feels the its been a continous baby boom at work anyway.......

:::Got up at 7:30am got my java of course (my life-blood cannot live without!) in the shower, got my daughter up in the shower and on the road by to White Plains in the hour I figured it would take and Rach and I were so excited, she told me I was acting like a little kid, I told her to "get over it" and we Ran accross the street and into the show...

:::I was overwhelmed with all there was to see, all the creatures Ive only read about or seen photos of and some I havent were there. Saw lots of familiar names on tables from web sites Ive visited that was really cool!

:::Herpers are some of the most intelligent, nicest people Ive ever met! I was suprised at how many families were there together, and for the numbers of snakes that people had purchased carrying many cloths bags in their hands....

:::We looked at EVERYTHING! twice! After a few hours of walking around we decided to get the gargoyle gecko from pm herps, and we met Mike C. from gexfiles, a very nice fellow and his crestys were amazing, beautiful and so healthy! Rachael insisted we HAD to have one of his boys.....its funny because Abby is around 5-6 months old and minature compared to this cresty that is I think full grown or almost (but mike can answer that better, I spaced out what he told me this cresty's age is, it was a case of total sensory overload for me! LOL !) names will come in time!

:::The prices on things were so good, we got a l5 gallon tall tank for $l8.00 !!!!!! light fixtures for $9.00, my daughter got a gecko shirt and turtle earrings! (the turtle earrings came with a free reservoir water dish, an extra added unexpected bonus!)

:::Oh and I got a two year subscription to reptile magazine and three issues of my choice from the table for free!!!!

:::I bought a really neat substrate from PMgeckos, he makes it himself, its a really fine crushed "?" oh shoot, now I dont remember, its very fine, brown, almost like a very fine mulch, I asked about impaction potential etc, and they said its very digestable, and holds the humidity in very well for rhac' im trying it.

:::on the way home we were hungary so we stopped at a diner, put our critters in their deli cups inside our backpack and went inside, I told rach not to tell anyone what was in the backpack, we didnt want them to get cold, and didnt want anyone to freak out either LOL !

:::Anyway we are home now, it took awhile to get things inside, and prepared for the little ones....I have 2000 crix arriving tommorow afternoon picked up a few to hold us over until then, I now have 7 "gizzards" as we refer to them to feed, and loving it!

:::Well I think thats it for now, thanks for reading!




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