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Tremper incubation method: Cheating?

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Posted by azteclizard on May 09, 2003 at 19:37:46:

In Reply to: Tremper incubation method: Cheating? posted by geeboo on May 09, 2003 at 19:16:18:

Here are a few albinos I hatched at an average temp. of 82 F. I do raise them up with a hot spot between 90-92 f, but then I raise all my leos at that temp. I guess I got lucky with my original group of albinos.

-Bill D
:Good point, it is fine if they want to sell these as long as the customer knows what they are getting. There are naturally beutiful clean light albinos out ther that produce the same. These are great for breeding purposes. What if you bred horses and bought a nice pair of chestnuts and they produced spotted offspring that were ugly because of a certain way of doing the breeding. Would you not be a little mad. Just saying : )



:.:I believe it is not cheating when you incubate your albinos using this method of incubation and this is why.

::If you were to use the Tremper method of icbation then you shouldn't feel like your cheating your customers. If your producing geckos that look like Ron Tremper's then your customers should assume that you do the same thing to produce geckos that look like that. This information is also posted on Ron Tremper's site so its not like it's somthing seceret.

::Producing brown-less Tremper albinos is somthing that is very uncommon without using this method. Is it cheating when you produce somthing that can only be produced by using a certain method? To me it is not, its somthing that will enhance your geckos and make them look better: essentially somthing to appeal to your customers and yourself as a breeder. To look at a brown-less, flawless, bright, high contrast color to me is somthing very good, even if it is being produced "artificially". If that is the only way that these type of Tremper albinos can be produced then why not do it if it appeals to breeders and your customers. It obviously attracts many people as the people that are producing these brown-less beauties are selling albinos very fast.

::One of these breeders are A&M gecko. I e-mailed them a few weeks ago regarding the Tremper incubation method back when the debate over wether or not the method produced large amounts of deformities. I asked them if they used this method to produce their beautiful geckos and if they did if they noticed deformities. They replied with that they did use this method and they noticed no unusual amounts of deformed hatchlings. A&M gecko produce some of the most amazing and beautiful looking banded albinos, tangerine albinos, jungle albinos, and tangerine jungle albinos. They also sell their geckos very quikly and I'm sure they have very satisfied customers. The point I'm trying to make is that the breeders that use this type of incubation produce some of the best looking albinos and a lot of other people agree. These brown-less tremper albinos sell quiker and appeal to more people then the brown ones, regardless of how they were produced.

::I'm not trying to start a war, as many of you hear, I enjoy debating about the subject that I love. I'm trying to put another point of view out there, not trying to prove anyone wrong.

::Bradley Baquial


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