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Thanks guys. Also, ideas to convince parents......

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Posted by -ryan- on May 11, 2003 at 18:26:40:

In Reply to: I failed at kingsnake ownership, i guess i really screwed up posted by -ryan- on May 10, 2003 at 20:32:56:

I have been trying not to think about snakes, but I guess there's no way out of that. They are almost as important to me as my drumming and music (well, I mean, if I actually get one it will be a top priority, like my bearded dragon, my dog, and my cats). I think I may have an idea or two to convince them.

The best one I could think up is basically how I convinced them that I was ready for the bearded dragon. Basically, I'll study up on Kingsnakes and Cornsnakes for a week (since those are the two that I would want) so I know basically everything about them. I have 2 kingsnake books, and there are tons of online resources. Then, when it comes time to go get crickets for Sidney, I could have my mom come with me by telling her just something like I want to show her some reptiles, or something like that. Then when we get there, I'll have someone come over to get crickets, and I'll also ask them if I can hold one of the little baby snakes (one that I know a lot about). Then, while I'm handling it, I could just start blurting out information about them, kind of. While doing that, maybe try to get my mom interested, like letting her hold it. Actually, I think that's almost how I convinced them the first time, except I didn't know much about them, I was just really really interested. I remember just like it was yesterday. We were in the petshop (same one I am planning on going to, they are really good with their reptiles), except they were under different ownership. But the guy there actually just walked up and started taking out different snakes for us to hold. And then he also brought out an adult cornsnake so we could see him and how nice they are. That's something I should plan on too. The people at the petshop will want to make a sale (they almost talked me into getting this 90 gallon tank that had a glass top, that wouldn't have worked right for my dragon), so they will also be talking about all of the good points. Like how they tame easily and all that other stuff.

Well, I think I will try this. My mom sometimes makes impulse buys, well, not really impulse buys, because she only does it if shes knows for sure we will be able to take care of it. Let me give you an example. We were planning on getting my bearded dragon in November of last year, but we went to this reptile place (the guy is really nice and loves his animals, but he doesn't have a lot of space, but his animals are, for the most part, very healthy), in early-mid october. Our plan was just to go look at the lizards and look at the stuff we needed. We went in and I told the guy I wanted a bearded dragon, and he said it would be best to get a sub adult, something that's a few monthes old all ready. So he went and got a beautiful bearded dragon (Sidney), and put him on my shoulder. The little guy sat there and I talked to the owner about them, and my mom could tell I knew everything I needed to know. That day we left the store with a 40 gallon breeder sized aquarium, and all the heating, lighting, and decor to go with it. The next day we came by and bought Sidney.

So I think this plan might work. I better start reading.


:It's not like the snake died, or got injured or anything, I just had to get rid of him. It was a while ago, when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade (I'm in 9th grade now), but it has been bothering me lately, because my parents finally let me have another reptile (my almost adult bearded dragon Sidney), so I have been in and out of the petshops and herp places and everything getting stuff for him. Today it really got to me. I was at a petshop getting crickets, and I saw they had a little desert kingsnake (the one I had, named sparky, was a desert kingsnake), and it made me remember him, and made me think "how could I have been so afraid of him, he was just trying to intimidate me". I don't know why, it was just once we got him home and in his cage (which was front-opening, probably the biggest mistake we made, because it would have been a lot easier for us to get him out if we just had like a 10 gallon aquarium). When we were at the store and bought him, the guy opened up the little rubbermaid shoebox thing he was in (in a rack system) and without any hesitation, I reached in and picked him up, and he curled up in my fingers and I had to have him. I think the main reason I started being afraid of him was because my dad seemed so afraid of him. He was only about a foot long when I got him, and if we had tamed him, he would be a nice big guy by now.

:So anyways, seing all of these nice kingsnakes every where I go, I have begun to want one again, but I don't think my parents will ever let another snake into the house again. I know at my age now that I would be able to handle him, since I wouldn't be afraid of him biting me or anything, so the only thing holding me back is my parents. I have a spare 10 gallon tank, and a spare heat lamp. So all I would need is a screen top and some furnishings.

:I don't know why I even posted this, because I know there is so little chance I will ever have a snake living in my parents house again. I have just always wanted a snake, and then when I got one, it was obviously too early. I was thinking I might just have my mom or dad take me to the petshop to get crickets (instead of my brother) and ask to hold one of the little babies, and let them hold it too to see how harmless our "little monster" was.

:I don't know. It's just been so hard for me ever since I had to get rid of the snake (since 5th grade) last summer the feeling stopped (well not really stopped, I just kind of suppressed it) because my parents said I could get the bearded dragon (I convinced them by showing them my friend's), and I love the little guy so so much. I am probably going to be getting him a big enclosure sometime this year (4'x2'x2'). But now I am still getting bummed out that I blew my (probably) only chance at ever having a snake, just because my parents let me have it when I was young).

:Well, I just had to get this off my chest. If you have any suggestions as to how to maybe just get over the whole snake thing, since chances are I will never be allowed to have one again, it would be great. I just have been having these thoughts and feelings going through my head since I had to get rid of my little snake, and before that all I thought about was getting the snake. Maybe I picked the wrong snake? No, it was my fault. The main thing I was worried about, since it was a front-opening cage, was that he would slither through the door while we were trying to get him out, fall to the ground, and go hide (he was really really fast).

:well, that's about all for now.


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