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Re: Sasheena, thanks for the info

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Posted by sasheena on April 14, 2003 at 23:40:46:

In Reply to: Sasheena, thanks for the info posted by SNAKESDJF on April 14, 2003 at 23:10:43:

:thats really interesting. i just acquired a pair of banded that were offspring from an adult pair caught in new mexico. are the striped phase or banded from AZ? i've kept all kinds of snakes but its the first time i am going to try these. is there any way of sexing them besides probing? have you ever had them breed? thanks dave

I believe that all three phases can be found in Arizona. Here in the western side of Phoenix are the ones that look like Tantilla Nigriceps when young, and later lose the black head and develop the orange dorsal stripe. I know that Kerby has mentioned finding the banded phase and I imagine that is in the northern parts of Arizona. I don't know if the patternless phase is found in Arizona also or not. (We ARE talking about Sonora Semiannulata, yes?).

Aside from probing, which I have never done for any snake, I do not know. I noticed that the snake I got today from a student had a distinctly different tail than the other one of the same size. My best conclusion from this is that the two small ones are different genders, and the two larger ones are the same gender (I could discern no difference in their tails). I do not have them to breed them, but more for nostalgia than anything else, though if the truth is told, and I have some hatchlings that won't eat, I might someday find that raising these snakes could be very useful, as they would be very tiny feeders for a very stubborn feeder. I haven't had them breed, but have only had three out of four of these snakes for the last month or less time.





::As of today I got my fourth ground snake. The first one I obtained a year and a half ago when it crawled into my classroom. I had a few others since then that didn't take to captivity. one I got just after it ate a poisoned (pesticide) bug, it tried to live, but died, the other refused to eat (an adult) and I finally returned it to the wild. This spring they are out in force and the kids at the high school where I teach know I'm into snakes. So now when the little guys crawl into a classroom, the kids bring me the snake, instead of giving it to "little Joey" to torment to death. In the last month I've acquired three of these (one just today). Two of them are about three or four years old, best I can tell, and about 15 to 18 inches long, and the other two, including my original, are about 2 years old, and only 8 or 9 inches long. I feed them crickets, give them a water dish (seen them drink, it's interesting to watch.) I don't give them any but the Arizona heat, milder since they are indoors. They are fascinating little snakes. Hope to get one of the banded phaze ones one of these days. They really are the sweetest little snakes. If the students bring me too many more, I'll start relocating them to our property out in the desert. They'll have an even chance of survival relocated to a new place compared to the school grounds where there are probably a half dozen killed a week.



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