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im glad something goods being done now. n/p

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Posted by blud63 on May 13, 2003 at 10:35:20:

In Reply to: LIRM update posted by rowad on May 13, 2003 at 09:12:32:

:(taken from WD mailing list)

:Here's the latest update on the Long Island Reptile Museum,
:that came this morning.
:It sounds like they may also be giving up some WDs,
:so if anyone knows local Wd rescue centres it might be worth
:letting them know. I will keep everyone posted if I get any more info.

:Turtle Homes had 3 goal when it came to the Long Island Reptile Museum.
:was to get the animals that needed veterinary help out of there. We have
:this goal. The second is to change the husbandry so that proper long term
:care of each animal could be maintained. The third involves shutting down
:museum if the two-first goals cannot be met.

:Our primary goal was to get help to the animals that need it. During a
:meeting with the Museum owner today Turtle Homes reached an agreement.
:have and are going to continue giving up animals that are sick so that the
:population on display is managable and healthy. Turtle Homes will go in 2
:times a month. During that time the public will be allowed to bring in
:animals so that the museum is not flooded with public drop offs. Will make
:health assessments and get the animals to the proper place. It will be in
:controled setting and proper records will be maintained.
:In addition Turtle Homes will help design and maintain several new
:and large) enclosures. The animals will be rotated so that they are
:maintained outside most of the time. The box turtles used will be vet
:and certified healthy before entering the Museum and I will over see their
:proper care. No animal will be on display longer than a 2 week rotation.
:They will be given the opportunity to hibernate during the winter. We will
:provide educational material to the public.
:The museum is going to set up a new area where animals we are taking in
:be properly quarantined. Animals who need veterinary help will be given it
:two vets hired to come in once a week. If I feel an animal needs help they
:will be pulled off display and maintained in a quaranteen area until a vet
:can be brought in or we bring it to the vet.
:In addition, the Museum agreed to give up several species of lizard
:snake so that the enclosures can be maintained properly. No animals will
:put on display sick.
:They also agree to build an outdoor enclosure and grow graze for the
:Aldabra and to decrease the number of large sulcata maintained with him. I
:will be doing staff education on the proper feeding of each species.
:As long as the Reptile Museum continues with what was promised I will
:assist them to maintain the new standards.
:We will also do staff education, nutritional counseling and help set
:up so that each species receives the proper diet.

:Please feel free to pass this along. I can't begin to say how happy I
:with today's agreement. The owner signed over legal custody of all 30
:taken from the museum. This means they are free to be adopted.

:This is going to be a peaceful resolution to a very large problem and
:winner will be the animals.

:THANK YOU to everyone who helped with this agreement and all the people
:who have pledged to help fight with us for the welfare of these animals. I
:consider this a big victory for everyone.

:The area for the new box turtle enclosure is very spacious and has a
:in misting system that actually works! It has a river running through it
:the owner agreed to clean out all the old substrate and replace it with
:substrate that I will mix up for them.

:I will continue to work with them as long as necessary.

:Lori Green
:Director, Turtle Homes
:Adoptions, NYTTS
:Sarah Earland
:School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
:Burnaby Building
:Burnaby Road
:P01 3QL
:Tel - 023 9284 6045
:Fax - 023 9284 2244

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