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exactly how i wear my hair lol! n/p

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Posted by BALLDUDE on January 09, 2003 at 19:58:34:

In Reply to: Why I don't dress posted by -ryan- on January 08, 2003 at 20:29:04:

:Most of the preps at my school are the types that love to go shopping and will only wear certain brands (I am talking about the guys). I like to look good, but that doesn't mean I wear clothes because of the name brand on them. I like the standard baggy jeans and T-shirts. people at my school are always telling me to get my hair cut (eccept for the girls, which is part of my motivation for not getting my hair cut). I used to gel my hair in spikes, flip in the front, and anything else. I made up a hair style or two on my own but I didn't have the smae style for long. But now I haven't gotten a hair cut in about 6 monthes, so the bangs go down almost to my mouth if I don't push them off to the side, and that's the way I like it. I hop outa the shower, dry into a nice mop, and go about my day (after getting dressed). I know that my style is not completely individual, but I'm okay with that.


:: I've always been intrigued by the punk thing. What is the motivation. As far as I know it is a rebellion against socities pressures to go with the flow. I'm all for that. I've played in punk bands and I've played in rock, country, bluegrass, and pop bands. Oh, and if you have ever heard of a punk band without actually going to the's not punk. A true punk band plays at a bar once, gets kicked out halfway through the show, and is never allowed back again. So if your listening to your "punk" CD, you have no idea what punk really stands for. As far as the spikes and leather and black clothing. I know several real punks and while they are easy to pick out in a crowd, they don't spend an hour spiking their hair in the morning or dyeing it. That's the whole thing. You get out of bed and you are ready for the day. If it's about not wanting to be a part of a society in which everyone looks alike, I've got news for you. All you pseudo-punks, you look exactly alike. And if it's not about trying to scream to the world "I'm an individual, if you don't believe me look how crazy I'm dressed today!!!" If it's not about that then why do you feel compelled to describe your dressimng habits to us here on these forums. You're supposed to not care about appearances and yet you start every post with, "You should have seen how weird I looked."
::I realize this has nothing to do with herps but neither does your pink hair. I'm not trying to insult you, you are on the right track, but stop watching MTV and go to a real punk show. Better yet strap on a guitar, crank it up, and scream about taking phamaceuticals and overturning cars. Now that's punk.
::Quick quiz: What year is known as "the year that punk broke"



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