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Re: Another story...kinda weird...

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Posted by Craig W on October 23, 2002 at 07:12:17:

In Reply to: Another story...kinda weird... posted by Squee on October 22, 2002 at 22:39:01:

That's funny. I've had a few experiences like that, where a snake would be calm too me but mean to everyone else. I think they can sense fear. I love snakes, and whenever I pick one up, I'm gentle. I've never been struck, just hissed occasionally. Yet some people come by in terror, and get struck at. The only reason I believe this is because of my sister. She also loves snakes. I was holding one, calm too me, satan to everyone else. She came, and the snake didn't hiss or strike at her. Just my opinion.

:First, some background: My grandfather owns a petting zoo, called Henry's Ark(get it? His name's Henry..heh...whooo...anyway) and people take the hrrible liberty of dropping there unwanted animals over the fence, into the bison feild, with the llamas, goats or camels and we have to find them in the morning. Well, someone just decided to hang, on the fence, a pillowcase with a 4 foot colombian boa in it.The ark director, the infamous, very important Penny Schaefer, took her, she had a beutiful red tail, very high class, and put her in one of the spare cages. When I came to help out later on, I was told there was a ball python in the cage. I ran up and, after I saw it, corrected her. I wanted that snake, though. She was put in a spare cage, is being fed live mice that escape quickly and seems to have some health problems. Well, several days later, I was driving down that road towards my grandpa's farm for my cousin's birthday party when I saw my 3 cousin's on the side of the road next to the ark, we call it the zoo. We pulled over and Nadira, my cousin and one of my best friends, told me that there was ahuge and dangerous snake behind a bush. I looked, and, sure enough, there was the boa, curled up. I shrugged and, against the screams and protests of my family, picked it up. She was loose, comfortable, in my hands and moved closer for warmth. I had never held her, so I did a quick lookdown of her. She was about 6 feet, very strong, but in need of proper care and had a mean glint in her eyes. I turned around and there was Penny in her truck. She stared at the snake for a moment, then told her neice to get the "sheet" and for e to climb in the bed of the pinkup. I put the snake in, climbed in after it, and picked it up. Penny's Neice, Ashley, jumped up and started to hold out the sheet to cover her head. I said no a little too late. The snake struck out at Ashley and she jumped back, narrowly missing some nice, sharp teeth. I said I would hold her all the way back, and she was happy to oblige. We parked in the zoo lot and, as I stroked her back and moved my hands in her rhythm, I started walking down the long walkway to her cage. Her tail wrapped around my right leg and she tensed as people walked by. She struck out once or twice. It was strange, but, no mater what I did, even when I held her head, she was an angel to me, but the devil to evryone else. It was baffling. I don't really have much experience with large snakes at all, and my heart was hammering in my chest and I was freaked out, excited, relaxed and happy all at the same time. I put her back and she seemed to cling to me. On our down there, there was this punk guy, with more peircings than I could count, trying to look so cool, with his girlfriend. When he saw the snake, he freaked and nacked away, then turned and ran, literally. I laughed, and his girlfriend came up, intrigued. It was funny...anyway, bye, and thanks for reading this stupid story! I hope I can adopt the snake, though...

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