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Re: Several interesting, maybe funny, ramblings...

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Posted by CulebraOnna on September 23, 2002 at 16:57:32:

In Reply to: Several interesting, maybe funny, ramblings... posted by Squee on September 21, 2002 at 21:43:43:

Hehe, I'm also a freshman in high school... sucks, doesn't it?

Really, I'm pretty lucky, most people ignore me anyways, so they go "ew! You have a snake?!" and then make sure to stay away from me for a few weeks. That works out REALLY nicely, as I'd probably not want to talk to them anyways. Actually, I was walking my dog and had my freshly shed ball on my hand, and my parents get home so I go meet them in the parking lot. Since the elementary school bus gets home right about them, a couple kids and their moms were sitting in the "park", next to the parking lot. They were like "Mommy, she has a snake!" and the women were denying it, so I held Artemis (ball) up and one of the moms SCREAMED, really loudly. But the kids ran over and pet her and the 7 year old even held her, and Art was very very good and wasn't even headshy. I suppose that it helps that I don't dress "trashy" or punk (though I sorta want to...), plus I'm in all GT/Honors courses, so they go "oh, she's smart, and nice, I can trust her." Heh.

And I keep telling you, Andy, that's a really cute Westie! Our neighbor has one that, when she gets really excited, starts wheezing, but it sounds like she's quacking. She loves my beagle.

I also spontaenously lecture people on snakes, if I mention that I have a python and they go "did you know it'll get 11 feet and eat you?", so then of course I must say "well, the smallest python gets about 3 feet, and the largest is currently over 25, but she'll only get about 5 feet." I've also gotten a compulsion to judge the animals in the zoo by what snakes from their area could eat them.

I've also noticed that most adults are freaked out by them, but the kids really have no fear besides the typical "It moved fast! Eek!" but that'll happen with any animal. I figure that, to some extent, it's my duty to inform the locals about what's around. And to educate them. Ex) 3 years ago, my friend was planning to get a corn snake, until I explained that they ate mice. She really couldn't grasp the concept that you couldn't train them to eat lettuce.

Ah well. Some people just don't learn.

:I am 14, a freshman in high school, and an avid herper. I take my herps to my little bro's school sometimes, and talk to the kids. It is funny how, when I say, Any questions? They all raise thier hands. Every single one has story about how their dad killed a snake in the backyard. I just kinda stare at them and say, well, next time you see one, just look at it and don't touch it, its more scared of you than you are of it. This can illicit some ineteresting responses, such as, " Well, it chased me and started trying to eat me! It was horrible!" Anyway, I found it interesting that the kids usually are much more receptive than the teachers. One teacher saw me take my ball python out, turned pale and said, "Put that thing back right now! I refuse to be responsible for some horrible poisonous...anaconda in my classroom!" I thought that was funny. I know all of these stories are not funny, but I felt like typing something...ahem. Has anyone noticed how obsessed herpers can become? I mean, we will do ANYTHING for our herps! Here's me:

:I won't travel, cuz me herps will be in the care of a petsitter, and I refuse to allow that

:My iguana recieves only the best, organic veggies

:When anyone asks what my hobbies are, I launch into a deep, thorough explanation of herpetogology and related aspects, and continue long after the person has walked away

:I freaked out so bad when my iguana bit me and got my blood in his mouth. Why did I freak out? I thought he would be hurt by something in my blood. I called my vet, and every herper I knew and was assured he would be fine. I neglected my own bite and it became infected.

:I read with extreme emotion stories of people's herps dying and read many a newspaper obituary with just a grim, "aw, too bad..."

:I stayed up the entire night and stayed home from school the next day because my bp was not looking too good. Written note from my mom, " My daughter was not in school yesterday because of an extreme illness in the family" The secretary asked, " Oh, who was sick? You?" I laughed and responded, " No, but the strange throaty noises and weird movemonts of my balls caused alarm and I was scared." The secretary stared at me and then reprimanded me for inappropriate language.

:I was reading and people were talking to me, but I wasn't listening. When one said, " Yeah, and this guy and Viv" A person, Viv)... I snapped my head up and said, " What viv?" They just stared at me.

:Those are just the recent ones, and it is interesting how much people think there is no way you can love a snake as much as I love all mine. Also, I dress in spike bracelets and band tee shirts and am what society calls a punk, complete with heavy metal music. When strangers, usually elderly(I am being polite...I would rather say B***hy old eezers, be cause no matter how polite I am, they are terribly mean and biased)people hear I am a snake fanatic, they say, " Humph! Figures, little bratty f**king punki teenagers with their devil worshipping ways!" A man actualoly said this to the woman sitting next to him, loud enough for me to hear. I was sourly offended and asked the man why he said that. Then I told him how sweet my bp was and showed him was kinda funny...anyway, sorry about wasting you time...bye

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