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Captive Phrynosoma ownership program?

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Posted by Jeff Judd on May 10, 2003 at 08:53:38:

In Reply to: Captive Phrynosoma ownership program? posted by Cable_Hogue on May 10, 2003 at 06:56:24:

:Hi All,
: I have just gone through that last big thread to try and pull out the important bits of info and make some sense of it all. What really seems to be apparent is that:
:* All species of Phrynosoma are interesting.
:* Many are in trouble.
:* Habitat is shrinking.
:* Laws to protect them may not be working.
:* Land should be set aside.
:* There is much ignorance in the general public as to the condition of HL's.
:* People want to keep these creatures because they are interesting and exciting.

:I would like to throw out an idea for debate/consideration.
:What if a program were created by which individuals could purchase any species of HL they would care to have. These would be captive born and raised. A permit would be required to ensure that each individual understood and was prepared to properly care for the animals.
:Part of that requirement might be to return data to a central point regarding: births, longevity, etc... This could be managed by a volunteer group to reduce cost.

:By creating such a program we might: increase awareness in the public for these fragile creatures and their plight; offer the experience to those with the real desire to care for learn about these guys; help eliminate the illegal trade (poaching); reduce the pressure of illegal take on wild populations; create a better overall understanding for Phrynosoma; establish a captive population representing all species/subspecies; and possibly produce some scientific data that would benefit both captive and wild populations.


Great idea Cable,
I think only captive bred individuals should be sold of all species, period. I don't believe in selling wild-caught individuals they do not do nearly as well in captivity(way too much stress) as captive bred ones.Captive bred individuals are a whole different ball game. Their are 29 forms(subspecies) of horned lizards so a lot of time and effort would need to be devoted. Similar ideas have been mentioned by a few individuals, In St. Paul Utah their are already the beginnings of a Horned Lizard Research Program where hundreds are being kept and studied. I would like to help with such a program, I am currently working on applications for the mexican government to obtain those endemic species, The problem is that you have to have an organization or university backing you, of which I don't have at the moment. I have permits for almost all the U.S. species and hopefully will have all this year. The key factor on such a program would be a well written book on their care and propagation. I am in the process of writing one but I need a few more years of experiance and a few more species I need to study, breed and care for. Cheers to ya,Jeff

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