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Posted by niki on July 25, 2002 at 15:54:33:

In Reply to: Re: how active should my HL be.................. posted by Lester G. Milroy III on July 24, 2002 at 12:26:46:

hi Lester, thanks for the info. what exactly should i be looking for in a summer siesta? i recieved my ants today and put about 10 in his tank. he didnt wake up and i thought for sure that he was dead. then all of a sudden one of his eyes opened and he started running all over the cage, but he hasnt eaten any of the ants! he completely ignores them. as of right now he has gone back to sleep and the ants are still in the cage with him. i am going to try and round them all up and try again later. the "sand" is some kind of calcium substrate that i bought at the pet store. i will have to check on all the details about it as i dont have the bag anymore. thanks for the info. i hope to hear from you soon. niki

: hi everyone. i am very concerned about my HL. i have had him for about one month now and he has completly stopped being active. he sleeps ALL day long and just moves to find a different place to sleep. he has been feed ants for the majority of the time that i have had him but i ran out and i should be recieving more from lifestyles on thursday. he is in a 20gallon long tank with hot spots reaching 100 degrees. he has a water dish but i also spray down the tank every other day. the substrate i use is bone/calcium sand. is there anything that i am possibly doing wrong? i really feel like he is slowly dying but then again i have never raised HL's before. are they normally very unactive? please, any advice would be appreciated! thanks, niki

: :It is that time of the year, Niki, when HLs take a "summer siesta." The sand you are using may, and I say may be a problem, but it is hard to say. I do not use "artificial sqand" for my captive study HLs. I use the materials from HL habitats and it is the best to use. Who makes this "sand"? I always have problems with materials that are not "natural" materials. They may be made of natural materials, but it is not what you find in natural settings. Keep a watch on the HL and monitor the HL's weight. If there is a drop, post asap. Lester G. Milroy III

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