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Re: How to administer Panacur horse paste to ornery skink

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Posted by naql on April 07, 2003 at 12:08:08:

In Reply to: Re: How to administer Panacur horse paste to ornery skink posted by T.B on April 06, 2003 at 23:52:48:

I have been practicing at doing my own fecal flotations. I have observed a large number of what appears to be some sort of worm ovum. I am not exactly sure which worm. Basically, at 40x they are ovals with a squiggle at one end. When you tweak the fine adjustment back and forth, you can see that the squiggle is where the little wormlet is folded over, i.e., that's the tail end of the worm and you see each end come into focus as you twiddle the fine adjustment.

They could be stronglydes, I'm just not sure. I have one of those laminated ID charts from the Bean farm, but frankly, they all look alike to me at this point.

My problem is in getting a fresh enough sample to the vet. Unless I take a day off from work and stand around waiting for the lizard to poop and then hot-foot it over to the vet's office, I just can't get a fresh enough sample to them. I want to find out how to make a slide and then "fix" or preserve it so that I can then take it to the vet for diagnosis.

I have read something about Ivermectin not being a good choice for chelonians and thought I had read something similar about skinks.

If you mix the panacur into a pellet of food, is there a time-limit during which it must be consumed before it, well, goes "bad" or something? I assume if I find a dosage chart that says so many mg per body weight, that I would then calculate the correct weight of panacur, and then multiply that by 10 for the paste since it is 10% fembendazole?

:Ivermectin is a very effective drug but with a much narrower margin of error then fenbendazole. The dosage must be quite precise and for this reason it is often not recommended for small reptiles (under a pound). The panacur can be mixed with food because, unlike a number of other meds, it has little taste. Every blue tongue that I have worked with has loved canned cat food as an occasional treat. I would try mixing the panacur paste into a small amount of that to administer it. What is the skink being treated for exactly?



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