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Re: Is this a suitable enclosure...

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Posted by orthopode on March 07, 2003 at 08:42:21:

In Reply to: Re: Is this a suitable enclosure... posted by equine884 on March 06, 2003 at 10:01:48:

Hi Danielle,
I found my helix at
No, you don't need UV light. However, many will still use full spectrum lights to provide some UV...and it also looks more natural. If you use incandescent, make sure you protect the bulb or make sure you can touch it without burning yourself. Do not rely on the fact that they don't move during the day because sometimes they do and that's usually when they coil around the stupidest objects...

:Thank you so much.

:As for the flourescent, someone had told me I need to use a UV light. Is this true? I purchased a 36" fixture and one of the ZooMed UVB floruescents. The bulb is 25w, and the fixture is open on the bottom, where the snake could touch it. I could make a wire cage for it, as I've heard that plastic or glass filter out the UV rays.

:Is the UV even necessary for a GTP?

:And where did you buy your Helix from? Maybe I'll look into them some more...




::Hi Danielle,
::No, heat pads are usually no good because they are on the floor and GTP are usually high on a branch. These panels are very nice and work really well, YOu can find some information at They certainly make some good ones. I recommend that you give them a call because they can help you to select the correct panel (size and power) for your cage. There are other brands of radiant heat panel around that would also work well...I personally use a Helix DBS as thermostat and I am very happy with it. I have no experience with the two you mentionned therefore I'll let somebody else comment on these

::As far as lighthing is concerned, if you use a FLUORESCENT tube light there should not be any problem with burns, especially if you get a small "ready to use" light, like the one you would place under the kitchen cabinet (the wiring, balast and tube are then protected by a plastic cover) Make sure that you buy one that is compatible with a timer (some have a funny switch to turn them on that does not work automatically).
::If you are talking about a 25W bulb (incandescent) then, without a doubt, it will burn your snake.

:::I was planning on getting the thermostat from big apple or the one that boaphiles sell. Any experience with either of these?




::::That seems to be a very nice enclosure...I would personally completely obliterate the two holes in the ceiling and use a radiant heat panel (covering about 1/2 of the ceiling surface area) and a small fluorescent light mounted directly inside the cage instead. IMO Incandescent lights and ceramic heaters have a tendency to dessicate the cage really fast. The holes located on top of the cage would also let the humidity and heat go out very quickly. You mentionned the use of a thermometer, I suppose you meant a thermostat. I think for GTP you really need a thermostat that automatically adjust the temperature.




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