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Posted by AnthonyCaponetto on February 26, 2003 at 10:52:24:

In Reply to: Re: I have that cage. Here's some info and PICS. posted by ToddM on February 26, 2003 at 09:49:49:

The side vent covers come with the cage at no extra charge. The only thing that was extra is the top vent cover ($4.00).

That's the problem with their website. They don't tell you half of the cool features their cages have. If they did, they'd probably sell twice as many cages.

I have an ATB in mine, but I would keep a GTP the same fact, when I get more, my GTP will go in one of those.

Anyway, I would definitely use 3-4" heat tape instead of a UTH, if your setup will allow for it. I just had an extra UTH and didn't have an extra thermostat, so I thought I'd use that. I'd keep the heat tape set to about 92 (if you're measuring temps on the tape itself, not inside the cage), which would give the animal a nice hot spot (I put a slab of corkbark over my UTH) should he/she need to use it when digesting a meal. I use a 40 watt light bulb, which creates a nice basking spot during the day.

:Thank you for showing me how your cage is set up. I didn't even realize that there are vents in the sides. I'll definately be getting this cage, and I'll also get the optional covers to help keep in humidity. What wattage bulb do you use for the dome light? I'd imagine that being a rather small cage that it wouldn't need to be very high. Also, for an undertank heater do you think a small strip of heat tape would work, or would I be better off getting a regular heat mat? I almost forgot, what temperature do you have the undertank heater set to? I'm just thinking since heat rises that it wouldn't have to be very high but am curious as to what setting you have it on.
:Thanks again for the photos and description of your cage, I appreciate it,

::I have that same cage. Not only does the top have a vent, the sides have vents too. The side vents are adjustable, and the for $4, you can get a cover for the top.

::With the optional vent cover included, it cost $120 shipped...and I have to say that this cage is AWESOME for controlling the humidity.

::I heat mine with an undertank heater 24 hours per day, and have the 5.5" dome light on for 12 hours or so per day.

::Here's the top, without the cover

::Here's the top, with the cover, before I cut the hole in it.

::Here's the top, with the cover, after I cut the hole in it.

::Here's the top, with the cover, after I cut the hole in it, with the dome lamp inserted.

::Here's one of the adjustable side vents. These are great for controlling ventilation/humidity.

::Here it is now, sitting atop one of my racks.




:::I'm thinking of getting a GTP and am wondering what the best way of heating the Barrs 20x20x20 cage would be?? The ventilation is in the top so I'm wondering what everyone else here would (or does) use with this cage??
:::Thanks for your time,



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