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Re: Health Concern

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Posted by JeffP on April 11, 2003 at 12:58:19:

In Reply to: Re: Health Concern posted by Bill Moss on April 10, 2003 at 21:05:58:

Hi Bill,
I guess that I've been lurking more than posting, this past year.
I'm starting to wonder if he had a seizure or stroke(if that's possible) and the lesions are possibly injuries substained during the incident. I picked him up, from the water and placed him on the land, and he seemed to lack any coordination. He lumbers and sways, instead of walking. He does not seem to possess the ability to focus or direct his actions. He was not like this at all 2 days ago.
It's frustrating that I cannot reach my vet. I was given the number of another vet that comes to your home. He is supposed to be experienced with herps, but He has not returned any calls either.
As far as basking, most days he basks about 30% and stays in the water about 70% of the time. I'm getting scared on this one. This is my absolute favorite pet from my collection and I'm not sure that any of these vets are going to be experienced enough with crocodilians, to figure it out. I've never seen such a tough animal go downhill so fast.

I'll keep you posted and I'll try not to just lurk so much.
Be well
:Hi Jeff,

:Long time since I've seen your name pop up here - too bad it isn't under better circumstances.

:Does the affected area look like it would be cracked from being too dry as if it isn't using the water. Does it appear to have any signs of lesions that could indicate a fungus infection? I'm at a loss but I've been looking through what books I have and have not found anything like what you describe - particularly when the problem is accompanied by a change in activity.

:Good luck



::Hi everyone,
:: I've got a situation that has arisen while my normal Herp Vet is out of town, for a couple of weeks. I noticed a tear on a hind toe, of my Dwarf Caiman. I did not notice this 2 days ago, when I fed him. I was out of town for a day and saw this on my return.
:: When I picked him up to look closer, I noticed a couple of small cracks in his foot also. As well as a couple of small ones on his side, near the hind leg. The water is kept very clean(completely changed weekly) and it is also well filtered. It stays a constant 82 degrees. He is in a 4'x8' cage, that is half water. He is about 4' long and 3 yrs old. I have raised him from a hatchling.
:: Before I left, he was acting normal and fed well. His diet has been primarily f/t mice, f/t quail chicks and occasionally fish (live). He has a hide cave on the land and a basking site, he occasionally uses. I examine him, closely, every week and have never noticed any of this before.
:: I have a vet appointment scheduled, but the main doctor, who I prefer to use, was not currently available. Do you have any ideas, of similar illnesses, that I may guide the doctor with. No doctors, in this area, have extensive experience with crocodilians. I'm not afraid of spending the necessary money, but I want to avoid them doing random kitchen-sink testing. He is definitely lethargic and I would like to keep his stress to a minimum.

::Thank you for your time.
::(Here is a recent pic. He has been in great health.)


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