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Re: Teens and crocodilians.

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Posted by jimsworld on March 05, 2003 at 17:33:48:

In Reply to: Teens and crocodilians. posted by setha_roo on March 04, 2003 at 15:10:52:

:I am 14 years old, and a crocodilian enthusiast. I am constantly reading and learning new things about them. I love them- and it is my dream to grow up to be a biologist and own my own collection of crocodilians- namely an American Alligator and dwarf caiman. Now, try telling someone that this is what you want to do with your life, and see the response you get. Whether it be laughter, shock, or disbelief, you always get that feeling that they think you are very odd. And I am okay with that. So when I get on this forum and am told to leave crocodilians to older individuals and quit being a stupid kid, it is offensive. How many young kids do you know that are completely enthused with crocodilians? My guess is not many. For instance, right now I am sitting in my class, writing this, while most other kids are doing something that most regular kids do- music, sports, etc. I completely agree that keeping crocodilians is something you should not do until you are somewhat older and mature. But I donítí agree that when a kid asks a question about a crocodilian, you feel like you have asked the most horrible question in the world, and that everyone wants to rip your head off. Kids- I understand more than anyone how much you would kill to own this magnificent animal. But believe it or not, we donít know everything and we donít know what our future holds, so be patient and just understand that these people are looking out only for our best interest. Adults- you also need to be patient in understanding that this is something very exciting to us, and like most kids are, we need to hold it, smell it, and touch it to be satisfied. That sounds retarded I know, but itís the truth. We appreciate that you are trying to help us, its just sometimes that when we get chewed out for asking something like Ďhow big should a dwarf caimans cage beí, we arenít saying that we are going to go buy one and release it into the wild. You have to give us credit- we are the ones that donít care what other people think and have a true passion for the hobby. Well thatís my input. Iím sorry if I wasted anybodyís time reading this. Thanks.

No one is going to gouge you for asking questions...I think that anyone whom is capable of caring properly for any crocodilian should have the right to own one. Asking your parents, however, to let you get one is not responsible... You should be ready to care for it completely " by yourself " not while living at your parents home...I'm sure the majority of the parents out there are terrified at the idea of a gator in the house. Until you can be on your own supporting yourself..I believe that learning all you can is the only step one should take...Before anyone jumps me...I was 17 before I got my first snake..and living in my own place...Sorry if I ruffled anyones feathers...

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