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Re: Thanks Chris and Carole and More About Petros.

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Posted by Matthew W. on March 19, 2003 at 00:42:20:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks Chris and Carole and More About Petros. posted by reptileszz on March 17, 2003 at 17:57:04:

Thanks for the reply Carole! Well, I won't worry about him not gaining any weight but I don't weigh him every day. I weigh him once a week and this Sunday will be 4 weeks. He hasn't gained any weight since he's been with us. Now if this is normal I'm fine with that, I just want to make sure it's not something to be concerned about at this point. I might try more fruit to soften the stool a little but I think we're going to try to stay away from animal protein and pellets if we can. Thanks for the help and advice. I'm glad to hear your trip to Florida went well. All the animals managed while you were away I imagine?


:Hi Matt, thanks for the welcome. We got back from FL yesterday. Saw lots of herps including the igs on Gasparilla Island there. Very cool stuff.

:Dont worry about him not seeming to gain any weight yet. You have had him for like 2 weeks now? Do yourself a favor and dont weigh him every day or even every other day. You will go mental! Tashmoo didnt seem to grow much at first but then she had a spurt in the middle of the summer the first year we had her and gained like 1/2 inch every 2 weeks. (I didnt weigh her I measured her). I would not overdo the animal protein. I think a very small amount is ok tho. Maybe a superworm or a cricket but keep up the good greens and good veggies. You dont want to rush it as she will get plenty big plenty fast enough!

:Another thing I recommend altho I will prolly get in trouble is a small amount of rep-cal iguana pellets. I think it is a good idea to get them used to something like that JUST IN CASE someone else that has no clue has to feed them for some reason. Also I think they must give them a little bit of vitamins and what not the might be missing. A little in moderation cannot hurt and they really seem to like it.

:Maybe a little fruit in teh diet might make the poops a little less firm for now. Later on you will want a firming agent I suspect but now when she is small maybe some softening would help her.


::Welcome back Carole! Thanks so much for the post! It helps a lot to know that you experienced this with Tashmoo and she is doing ok. I'm still going to take a fecal into Dr. Innis soon (I'm waiting for a few of the dragons to give me theirs as well) but I doubt he will find anything because the poop looks perfect. There is just a tiny bit of bleeding when he pushes out his cloaca to wipe. Have you ever taken Tashmoo into to Dr. Innis? We were originally planning on taking Petros in as soon as we got him but he is so small and healthy (other than this) that we didn't want to put him through any unnecessary trauma. It's funny you mention "forcing the poop" because he looks like he's really working sometimes to get the poop out. He poops every morning as soon as we let him out of the cage. His poop comes with a little water first and then a very firm fecal. The bleeding started when I picked him during the middle of a poop (boy do I regret that) to try to put him where we wanted him to poop. I'm afraid he strained himself when I did this. I no longer try to interrupt him when pooping, even if it is on the bed. Anyway, since then he has been leaving a small amount of blood behind. This has in no way seemed to effect his activity level or appetite which are both very good. He doesn't really seem to be gaining any weight though. He has stayed a consistent 70g. since we got him. Is this perhaps because we don't offer any animal protein and Blair offers a little? I ask this not because I would ever consider adding animal protein, only if this is why he hasn't gained any weight. I don't mind at all if he grows slowly, I just want to make sure it's normal. He eats a lot every day and poops everyday so I figure he's ok.

::Petros is such a sweetheart, he just climbed out of his cage and up on my head :-). I've been keeping an exhaustively detailed journal of everything he does and we do for him. We also have a great photo album/scrap book started for him.

::Thanks so much Carole and Chris for your help and advice. Petros, Maria, and I really appreciate it!

:::Hi Matt, I am very interested in the fact that you are experiencing this. Tashmoo did/does the same thing periodically. When it first happened it was soon after I got her. It was precisely as you describe. Just a tiny bit of fresh blood only in the wiping process. I took in a fecal and it came up clean. I decided to keep an eye on it. It has happened (where I have actually seen it) I would say like 10 times since I have had her. I haven't seen it in awhile though. It seemed like the bulk of the time it was happening was when she "forced it". She has always been a stress pooper. If she had already pooped and I picked her up and she tried to poop again to make me put her down is when I saw it the most. It was like a "second poop" thing. I dont know if I am making any sense here. She has even had a second fecal done by Dr Innis back in November and it also came up clean so I have chosen not to worry about it.

:::Does this help you at all?

::::For the last week, Petros has been leaving a small amount of blood behind when he wipes his cloaca after pooping. Petros has been eating well and pooping every day (his poops are very firm and consistent). The blood is not in the feces but left when he drags his bottom. I'm afraid that maybe one of his blood vessels was ruptured when he was sexed by Blair or he hurt it some other way since then. Now I will certainly take a fecal into the vet to make sure it's not intestinal but I'm hesitant to take Petros in since he's so small and appears completely fine otherwise. He's not bleeding from his cloaca when closed, only leaving a little behind when he inverts it to wipe after pooping. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I try to bring him into the vet? I just don't know what they can do for him except traumatize him by trying to open up his cloaca. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.






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