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Re: The Strange and Exciting Story of Petros, Hybrid Rock Iguana

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Posted by Jose J. on March 05, 2003 at 02:21:15:

In Reply to: The Strange and Exciting Story of Petros, Hybrid Rock Iguana posted by Matthew W. on March 04, 2003 at 23:25:50:

:Hello Friends,

:My name is Petros (Greek for Rock, phonetically spelled of course) and I am a Hybrid Rock Iguana (Cyclura Nubila). I was born on Wednesday October 2nd 2002 in Escondido California under the care of David Blair. On January 31st my new mom and dad sent Mr. Blair a money order to bring me home to them. They were very excited about me coming to live in their home. As they soon discovered, however, I would teach them that some clichés are clichés for a reason. The first, that all bad luck comes in threes. What ever do I mean? Well, despite the fact that mom and dad sent the money order priority mail with delivery conformation, the mail was misdirected at the Postal Annex and ended up being taken, opened, and deposited by another box holder. This, as you might imagine, was very upsetting to my new parents. Thankfully through the help of the bank, a little sleuthing on the part of my new father, the patience and dedication of David Blair, and the vigilantly assistance of the owner of the Postal Annex the money was recovered from the business who took it.

:But that’s only one. Two and a half weeks after my new parents sent the money order for me to come and live with them there was finally a break in the weather. My new dad called David Blair to make arrangements for me to be sent Thursday for Friday via UPS. My parents were very excited about me coming to live with them but, they learned that Murphy’s Law really is the law sometimes. David Blair called my new parents on Thursday night to say that UPS didn’t come to pick me up and no one would answer the phone at the help line. So Mr. Blair said that he would send me out via USPS the next day for overnight express mail. Though my new parents were disappointed, they were excited that I would be coming soon. Mr. Blair got up real early on Friday and dropped me off at the post office as soon as they opened so I would get to my new parents on time. The next day, my parents got up early and made me a nice salad:

:50g. of Mixed Organic Greens
:20g. of Organic Collard Greens
:8g. of Organic Carrot
:7g. of Organic Sqaush
:8g. of Organic Kidny Beans
:8g. of Orgainic Bean Sprouts
:10g. of Organic green apple

:I have very refined tastes and only eat organic produce and drink Aquafina or Poland Springs water. Twice a week my parents lightly calcium dust my salad and once a week they vitamin dust my salad which is made using a food processor.

:They waited for me all day, and then, as 3:00 approached (the latest I was supposed to be delivered by) my new dad called the post office. They said that I had not arrived yet and would hopefully be delivered on Sunday! My parents were very upset because they were worried that I was lost. Thankfully I was not lost and at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, February 23 I arrived to my new home. Thanks to David Blair’s thoughtful and careful packaging with heat packs I arrived safely. I was alert when I arrived but I was a little cold so I sat in my bag for about an hour before climbing out into my wonderful new enclosure.

:It is so great! It is a 65 gallon reptarium, with a sand/soil substrate, two nice big logs for me to climb on, a rock cave that I like to warm up on and sleep under, and three basking spots for me to relax beneath including a Zoo Med UVB Power Sun. I am also allowed free range of my parent’s bedroom while they are here and they are here most of the time. When I get bigger, I am a tiny guy now (only 5” SVL, 13” STL and 70 g.), I will be allowed to roam the house.

:I just turned 5 months old on Sunday and have been living with my new parents for over a week. I am very friendly and like to be held. I even ran up to my new daddy and climbed up his leg to sit in his lap. I am so cute aren’t I? I am pictured above with my birth certificate, which my parents had framed and my egg, which they put in a display case. They just got my pictures back from development today and couldn't wait to show me off :-) I taught my parents that good things come to those who wait :-)

:That's all for now. Perhaps more tomorrow!
I was wondering what happen to your new family menber. I have been waiting for you to post again. I am gald you are enjoying your Iggy he sounds like a smart animal. He will grow fastand big before you know it. I got my cuban[Cyclura Nubila Nubila} from David 8 months ago.Her name is 99 double 0 for short it's just 99, for the date she was born. When 99 can home with me she was already 18 months and only 15" total. I think she was the runt. This evening when I was cutting her nails I notice that she has double in lenght and body size I think she about 32" now.I put her outside at least twice a week on a leash,so she can get nature sun shine. I belive the sun help her grow.

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