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Drama Queen...

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Posted by duffy on May 04, 2003 at 08:08:08:

In Reply to: all i asked was a question you didn't have to be so mean posted by hells_kitty on May 03, 2003 at 19:38:36:

Once need to calm yourself down. Unless what you're looking for is the kingsnake Academy Award for Drama. In which get my vote...
The folks here are actually trying to help. They are also very interested in helping to make sure that snakes are well cared for. Even the responses to your post that seem "mean" have an important point to make, and you should try to understand this. Now...If you really want to get another snake, I suggest that you start with a good "beginner" snake. A corn was a good choice. Maybe one of the other North American Ratsnakes. has already been said: Do lots of research first. It sounds like your local selection is limited and expensive, so I guess you'll need to take that into consideration. But that makes it even MORE important that you prepare yourself in advance. If you are going to make another big investment, make sure you know what you are doing. How long will this snake live if you do take good care of it, and are you willing to provide continuing care for years to come?
Finally: It's OK to keep asking questions here. That's how we learn. But if you make an effort to present yourself in as mature a manner as possible (for your age), you will find that you are treated with more respect. That includes making at least a little effort to show that you are literate, and have some knowledge of punctuation, etc. Scan the forums for answers to basic questions so that you don't ask things that have already been answered a dozen times in the past few weeks. And...cut the drama. It really puts you in a bad light. If you are actually as frail as you sometimes imply, then maybe you should be choosing less adult hobbies. I suspect, however, that you want to learn more. And so you should. Good luck, and I hope that these posts genuinely help you in many ways. Duffy

:all i asked was a question i didn't ask you how well i take care of my animals ok you think it doesn't hurt me that i lost my snake well it does ok and i did take care of it if i didn't then it would have died ok and the reason why i asked if corns can go with balls is cuz i was ganna get a ball and what if my corn showed up all i wanted it know is it if would be ok, and my dad if good with reptiles he knows alot about them and sence he's home from work more often now i was thinking on getting a colombian boa, you have no right saying al this sh*t about me and how i care for my pets jesus crist aleast you could have put it in a nice way for all you know i could be suicidel and something like this can just about set it off so before you say something mean you should think for god sake use your brain


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