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Corn Snake Breeders

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Posted by electricbluescat on April 27, 2003 at 11:18:01:

In Reply to: Corn Snake Breeders posted by Hurley on April 26, 2003 at 20:46:24:

:I have personally purchased corns from several different sources. I had the pleasure of receiving my first 'net purchases' from Frank Pinello. He's a great guy and has outstanding stock. For my tastes, he has the best Miamis and Crimsons I have ever seen. A pleasure to do business with and I always look forward to his postings of pictures. He doesn't currently have a website up, but he'll get you an available list if you ask. :)

:I've purchased some motleys from Paul Mitchell, Jr. and found him a pleasant individual to deal with as well. The mots are stunning and the female is expecting her first clutch any day. :)

:I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy Love (Corn-Utopia) at the Tinley Park show in Chicago one year. What a wonderful human being! She's great fun to chat with and again, in my own personal taste, has the best Okeetee lines around. I picked up an Okeetee female, and she is turning out awesome. Kathy's always very helpful and knowledgable. A class act.

:I also had the pleasure of making the 30 hour road trip to Daytona last year. (Highly recommend that if you can do it. What a blast!) I got to see Kathy again, as well as meet Don Soderberg(South Mountain Reptiles) and Rich Zuchowski (Serpenco), both of whom I've done business with and greatly enjoyed chatting with. Rich had a nice display at Daytona, and I had a great time talking with him and selecting a few choice hatchlings to bring home. I can't say enough about my dealings with him, he's been very helpful and the pair of charcoal ghosts and the hypo het lav female and hypo lav male (amongst others) I got from him are all blossoming. And Don? What can't you say about that guy. A great guy, a load of fun to talk to, and if I could just have 1/4th of his energy, people would think I was on speed. ;) But really, there is no one better. I'm looking forward to getting some blood red hatchlings from him this year, can't wait.

:Serpwidgets has some nice hatchlings with some fun genes to play with. I have a huge anery from him that is out of a blood female het for everything and a gorgeous amel male, with beautiful sunset colors and brilliant oranges the likes of which I've never seen. If you're interested in the genetic make-up of your hatchlings-to-be, he could probably tell you more than you ever wanted to know about it. ;) (Just kidding, Serp), and his genetics tutorial is worth a read-through.

:Well, those are my opinions, such as they are of the people I've dealt with personally. I've seen examples of Walter's snakes and they are very beautiful. The pictures of Clint's snakes are always great...Hey Clint, when are you going to start shipping? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

:Good luck with your search. Peruse the forum a bit, esp. over the next few months when those eggs will begin to pip. You'll soon pick up "who's who" here and can select who you want to go to for corns. Scour the pictures, the differences even among a single morph are staggering. Once you have an idea of the 'look' you like, that'll help you narrow down your search to a breeder producing animals with that 'look'.


I will be at the Daytona Show. It's like an 8 hour drive for me some how my parents want to go I don't how I pulled it off.
I was considering buying the hatchling corns from Kathy Love and meet her at the Daytona Show since she lives in Florida.
Florida's a great place and hopefully somewhere I will move to after college.


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