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dusted fruit flies

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Posted by charm_paradise on May 12, 2003 at 19:36:29:

In Reply to: dusted fruit flies posted by lele on May 12, 2003 at 09:49:57:

Hi- You could try dusting the fruit to, but I am not sure the flies could eat it? They may get some on there under body walking on it, but I don't think it would hurt trying, just don't over supplement! I know what you mean about the pinheads, they are hard to find locally, and bulk orders over the net for only a few chameleons is a waste because they grow so fast. I ordered the wrong size crickets last time and got a music box of 1000 adult crickets 5 weeks old. So I separated all the females out, that was fun LOL and they laid a bunch of eggs. I don't raise crickets, this will be my first time, but it looks easy once you get the eggs. You might try starting a small colony of crickets for breeding, sine you don't need so many if you cant find a local source! Thanks for the complement on the site, I have been cramped for time, building more cages, and hope to add allot more info here very soon. I am building up a link page, it should help everyone out! You should join the group, this way you will receive an email every week with info on what is new and recent pictures that have been posted, its all free!


:Thanks, John!
:I put a piece of strawberry in and, as expected, the FF flock to it! Two of my stumpi's are eyeing it and I am sure have been feasting all morning! What if I dust the fruit with the supplement so they(FF) get it while they eat?

:As for pinheads I am trying to find a local source because I don't need a whole lot right now. I also plan to get some silkworms to raise so I can feed them the itty-bitty ones.

:I don't think they were cup fed just because of their more secretive nature, but I have emailed Liddy to find out. thanks again! btw, your site is coming along nicely! I love the rainbow colors in the species list (care sheets). I have you bookmarked and will reference often!


::Hi- Yes it is hard to keep the dust on the insects. They are very good at removing it, crickets are the worst. You may try putting a piece of fruit in the tank and the fly's on the fruit where the chameleons seem to eat at. This should keep the flies on the fruit and you can keep better track. Have you tried pinhead crickets if they are big enough to eat them, and also may be newly hatched silkworms! Were they bowl feeding them at the breeders or were they free roam feeding, if you can find out how they were use to eating, it may make it easer for you to acclimate them to there new home. Hope this helps!


:::I just got my leaf cham's and have been giving them dusted FF but it almost seems as tho they are cleaning themselves off (of the dust) b/c I see them climbing up the tank with no dust!? I make sure I mist before putting them in so I don't give them a shower LOL!

:::B/c these guys are so tiny it's hard to tell if they are eating or not...thoughts?




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