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Can I use the same Mercury Vapor Bulb used for plants?

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Posted by charm_paradise on May 08, 2003 at 23:23:37:

In Reply to: Can I use the same Mercury Vapor Bulb used for plants? posted by lysergia on May 08, 2003 at 23:07:42:

Hi- I would also have to say no. UVB light is a special arc in the bulbs filiment, and can be filtered out very easly. The sun produces UVB light but the glass in your windows will filter most of it out. MH bulbs do produce alot of UV light, but once again they have a glass shell around them to filter it out, you will normaly see a warning on the bulb or package warning you not to use it if shell has been broken, and I am not sure if it produces UVB light, I know it produces UV. Also those lighting systems are very expensive and produce too much heat. Just go with the bulbs I recomended they are $35-45 and the 10" dome is $10. The glass used in the bulbs does not filter out the UVB like other glass. Hope this helps!


:I grow food, hehe. What about HPS and Metal Halide lamps?

::Hi- What are you growing!!! Just kidding! I would have to say no the MV bulb you have for the plants wont be of use for a chameleons need of UVB. The MV bulbs have a special fillment and glass to not filter out UVB but to produce it as unfilterd light. Also a 160w bulb would be way too HOT for a jackson chameleon, they dont like the hight temps. If you are gong to use a MV bulb get a reptile one like Zoomed or Capture The sun in a 100w flood. Be sure to adjust the light off the cage to get the correct basking temp for your chameleon. I use the MV bulbs on all my cages, they work great! Hope this helps!


:::I have a mercury vapor grow light that I use for my indoor plants, but I am not sure if this is will work for a reptile. I know that there are mercury vapor bulbs made specifically for reptiles, but this one is for plants. I will be giving the (jackson) chameleon regular access to sunlight, but I will need to supplement artificially. The light is a 160w bulb with a ballast that is built into the hood. It produces good heat and hangs from the cieling so I can ajust the distance easily with chains to regulate temp. It would be perfect to use, but if it will harm the animal I can find other ways. If anyone has experience with this let me know.




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