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I feel your pain....

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Posted by icequeen on April 25, 2003 at 08:07:46:

In Reply to: New cage ideas posted by iwana on April 25, 2003 at 07:22:40:

Well...I'm with you completely on a couple I said in my other post to you that my Cham is like yours...He apparently lived his first two years in his "tank" with no ill effects...with one tiny fake tree, and two 18 inch branches.
Then..."all of a sudden" he became unhappy with all of this. Showing his stress colours, and then becoming very sick.
I wracked my brains trying to figure out what I'd done wrong...after all, when I got him I put in real plants, I got rid of the peat moss substrate that he insisted on eating...I gave him more branches to climb around on...and then...he just about died.
You'll notice that I put the " marks around all of a sudden...the one thing I've learned is chams don't do ANYTHING suddenly! It's a long process...getting sick...and getting better. (I know Frasier is not's just a reference)
By the time your cham shows you he's unhappy...he's VERY unhappy. By the time they show you they are sick...they are VERY sick.
Perhaps Frasier has finally grown tired of his cramped quarters and is just now showing's just SO hard to know what they're thinking...and us rummaging around inside thier homes trying to figure it all out just causes more stress for them.
I wish someone would write a cham to english I could just ASK him!!

about the humidity in the screen cages...I hear the key is having REAL plants in there. Also, you could do like Steve (I think its steve any way) with the towel down the'll hold moisture..but I'll let the experts in here give you that I'm just learning about that aspect of it myself.

:Hi everyone,

:Thanks again for all your ideas and suggestions, they are greatly appreciated!

:I discussed this with my husband and we decided that given how much work would be involved to convert the present terrarium into an arboreal cage, that we may as well just build another cage and we could sell the old one to someone who has a terrestrial lizard.

:We already have the lumber to build the frame, clip lamps and two PowerSuns that we could use. We're also going to keep all his branches and plants and will eventually add some real ones. All we would need to buy is the screen, which I think we can handle. :-)

:I'm still having a hard time understanding how a tall screen cage will better hold humidity than an enclosed cage. Again, this completely goes against all my logic (and my husband's), but after reading so many caresheets online and realizing that not one of them recommends anything but all-screen cages, then there must be a reason for it. I wonder how that breeder's veiled managed to live so long. I think he actually kept it in a very large aquarium, with sand as a substrate!

:Also, there is still the fact that Frasier was happy before and isn't now just because of some cosmetic changes. Logically, putting everything back the way it was before would solve the problem, but since this is a cage that my husband very quickly slapped together in one week-end and readily admits that he did a p*ss-poor job with his carpentry (LOL), the cage is an eyesore and we've been meaning to eventually build a nicer cage anyway.

:We also realized that his current set-up uses up over 200 watts of energy, between fluorescent fixtures, ceramic element and basking light. We figure we could just use one of the 160W PowerSuns in the new cage, and we can easily fit it with the current misting system.

:Since we will be using the same base (but shorten it a bit), we thought of making this cage 48" high, 48" wide and 18" deep. Do you think one PowerSun would be sufficient, or should we use two for such a large set-up? Or mebbe one PowerSun and one fluorescent?

:Thanks again for all your help! Frasier will surely thank you. :-)


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