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Re: Another vet visit...another 70 bucks...

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Posted by StevetheVeiled on April 16, 2003 at 20:47:25:

In Reply to: Re: Another vet visit...another 70 bucks... posted by icequeen on April 15, 2003 at 22:55:37:

i hope zoe's doing well today. no problems with the eye still? when my female veiled got bit by a superworm (a big one) she just yelped a bit and that was it. she never acted hesitant after that incident at all. she's a tough girl.

we may have made an improvement with the nosy be today. i got another piece of debris out of his eye again. this time it was like a piece of shed skin or something. it was strange, it became hard after getting it out of his eye. i saw it a couple days ago, but i was having no luck getting it out. today i finally got it. we'll see if that helps him out.

:Thank you for the encouragment, and kind words!
:I hope everything works out with your little fella.
:When the meal worm bit Zoe's eye today...I immediately thought of you! And thought that we'd end up comparing notes on eye problems. So far so good though with Zoe's eye! No blood or hopefully it just looked nastier than the bite actually was!

::i have to say, i'm still working with my panther and his eye 'problem' and reading about you and Zoe is so inspirational! it really makes me feel good to see you doing everything you can to help Zoe make it through this. i may be off to the vet again myself, as Timmy's eye just doesn't seem to be getting better. i had him outside today and he seemed to enjoy that. tomorrow he's getting a long shower to see if we can flush that eye any more. if things don't improve, i'm going to have to go back to the vet and have him take a better look at Timmy's eye again. i'm worried the vet didn't see something. the other problem is Timmy's appetite has dropped off in the last few days and that has me that much more concerned. he looks like he might shed soon, but it's difficult to be certain. i know his cage conditions are good and he's drinking on his own very well. progress can be so slow, it's hard to deal with at times.

::anyway, keep up the great work with Zoe and continue to keep us posted.

:::I had to take Zoe to the vet again. He's having trouble breathing. I could hear the clicking, and he was gaping, and there was alot of mucous strings in his mouth. He actually did this thing that sounded like a cough a couple times!
:::I think we caught it early this time, as he is still very strong and active. The vet mentioned that he thinks that episode Zoe had on Saturday night might of been respiratory arrest! He showed me an accupuncture trick where you push hard (ONLY in an emergency!) on the top of his nose...this is supposed to restart his breathing. Then again...the vet may be on crack...I'm not sure.
:::We have a new medication called chlorpalm. SOMETHING have to way or the other.
:::The vet weighed him, and he has gained 3.5 grams since his last visit. I think he had actually gained more, but has lost it again recently.
:::When the vet listened to his chest, he said it sounded great..perfectly clear...but that with the symptoms I was telling him about, and then the Saturday night episode he thought it would be prudent to treat him with antibiotics.
:::He is well hydrated at least, and the vet remembers how he was the last couple visits and feels there has been an over all improvment.
:::Thank goodness it's been warmer and we can get him outside for some fresh air and sunshine!
:::His colours right now are SO dark! He seems to do that whenever he is on medication.
:::*SIGH* we go again. But, hopefully this time he wasn't as bad off to begin with, and will maybe make a complete turn around.


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