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Re: My response to Ray's outbrust.

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Posted by ls1grrrl on November 08, 2002 at 14:17:15:

In Reply to: Re: My response to Ray's outbrust. posted by bpc on November 08, 2002 at 07:49:41:

::Birds who flock together. It would be nice to see a real newsletter in the mailbox though. By the way, are any of the ads that are taking up space in the newsletter actually bought and paid for? Just curious because if it cost a dollar twenty to print and mail the newsletter and dues are $20 per year and only 12 newsletters go out in a year, we should be in the red right there. Plus we have all the revenue from all those ads. Who monitors the cash box at the door, counts the renewals, etc? Then who takes the cash box home with them? There should be a check and balance every meeting night. Just my opinion, doesn't reflect the opinion of cfhs, kingsnake, entities living or dead, imagined or real

:Please don't say birds of a feather. I'll have to go pluck myself. Anyway, the ads in the newsletter are SUPPOSED to be paid for. One of the first things we did after I came along was to lower the advertising rates to a resonible level. This is one issue we have discussed (or tried to discuss) with Ray. We, the rest of the board, feel that there should be more revenue showing from the newsletter, but we can't make heads or tails of the income the society receives, because Ray absolutely refuses to itemize deposits. In fact, Ray won't even agree to make a deposit every month. He makes them when he feels like it.

:There's one other factor about the newsletter that costs us money. Ray's salary of $400 a month. A year ago it was $700 a month, I pushed that issue and got it reduced. Frankly, I still think $4800 a year is little extreme for a 12 page newsletter in which all the articles are written by someone else. Basically we send out somewhere around 350-400 newsletters a month and Ray makes a dollar or more off each one.

:As far as the door, that falls to the treasurer. Ray handles that when he's there. Patty has been handling it when he can't make it. Ray's method involves throwing cash into the box, and then when he feels like it, going to the bank and depositing some of it. Again, nothing is itemized, so not even Ray knows what money comes from where. Jeff has promised to change that next year when he takes over. Checks and balances is what I've been BEGGING for for the past year and a half. Right now there are NONE.

Let me start out by saying that I don't really know anyone in the club at this point. My bf and I were the ones with the 2 BCI sexed by Paul after the most recent meeting.

All I can say is based on what we've seen, I'm glad Ray opted to run for President rather than Treasurer. After the outburst at the meeting, I doubt he has any chance of winning that election. Its ludicrous that he's been allowed to run amuck as he has for the last however long he's had his hand in the cookie jar. This club is not for his benefit, its for the purposes of education of members and the general public. Or at least, it should be.

I have to say I'm a little surprised at how disorganized the club is as far as handling finances, etc. Ray actually said that "This is a non-profit organization, not a business." I guess that demonstrates his lack of real knowledge about non profit organizations. It does in fact need to be run like a business at least the financial aspects. There are legal obligations since you're collecting dues, taking donations (potentially), etc. I would hate for the officers of the club to be found liable for legal issues brought on by their lack of knowledge, understanding or awareness of fellow officers actions.

I certainly hope that this election will bring about beneficial changes and look forward to seeing how the club will grow in the upcoming year.


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