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Re: Wow, this is gonna be fun!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Brian Conley on April 26, 2002 at 08:40:02:

In Reply to: Re: Wow, this is gonna be fun!!!!!!!!!! posted by Ray Sheehan on April 25, 2002 at 16:57:14:

: : Sam,

: : Your right about the negativity hurting the society.A website is in the works already.These things take time.I posted a link to Victors current site below Bobs original post.There is a CFHS show in the works already.We are trying to lock down a specific date right now.Paul has already put this into motion and is already doing the ground work of finding all the cost involved.He has in fact talked to the staff at the Central Florida fair grounds on cost and dates.A board meeting to be held soon will make the final decisions and hopefully let us give out info at the next society meeting

: Its to bad that you have to bark before anyone makes a move for the club. I did not make the last meeting and their was not one board member let me know what happened at the meeting or what was on their mind. You did see how fast everybody responded to the forum. Thank you.
: Ray

Ray, I spent yesterday thinking about how to reply to your post. I listened to my wife, Paul, and Jeff tell me not to lay into you in public as you did to your fellow board members. I see also that someone else doesn't like the negativity here on the forum. Therefore, I will greatly "temper" my public response at this time. I will respond in full, only to you and the other board members.

Now, as for my public response. Ray, you stated that some on the board were trying to run their business through the club. I find that statement hilarious. Paul owns his own car business, Jeff works at an air conditioning company, and I'm a teacher. YOU are the only person who works full time w/ reptiles. It is my opinion that you are simply trying to throw a "monkey-wrench" into the club's show because your employer (who will remain nameless) would probably not look favorably upon another show done in this state. Therefore Ray, YOU are the only person trying to run their business through the club.

All of the money in the clubs' bank account, or at least a very large part of it, was generated by the NRBE when Wayne Hill was the president of the club. That money is no longer coming in. I would think, you, the only person directly benefiting from that money, by your rather nice newsletter editor's salary, would be more concerned about the fact that the club is losing money every year than anyone else. But perhaps, you're just content to ride out the money as long as it lasts, and the club be damned.

Now, as far as "barking" to get anything done. YOU are the one who missed the meetings, why are we responsible for catching you up? I make my 14 year old high school students responsible for finding out what they missed when they are absent, so I think you're perfectly capable of picking up the phone or sending an email. In fact, I know you're capable of it because I recieved two emails from you, one saying you were "to busy" to help out with the show we're planning. And another saying that the board meetings, (most of which you miss, because of your health) are "useless." So don't "bark" up that tree either.

I'll send you an email later, to let you know where I could have gone w/ this reply. But let me say this in closing, the good ol' days of the good ol' boys club are OVER. I WILL NOT let the things that have gone on before in this club continue. There will be no more hiding the dealings from the club members. I WILL NOT shut-up and go away, just to keep from pissing someone off. And most importantly, I WILL NOT snap-to and bow-down when you start "barking."

Brian Conley

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