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Oops. I pulled a Jim. I meant to say..." quote". So sorry.

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Posted by besiege on May 12, 2003 at 17:35:40:

In Reply to: Mayo... posted by besiege on May 12, 2003 at 17:31:24:

::My original statement was that diamond x's may be all we have left in the future if things don't get any better. Whether or not to hybridize is really only a discussion. I don't own any diamonds or diamond x's and was only offering a few statements to get the forum going on the subject. To put a few what ifs out there, and spark others into thinking about the problem. In no way did I want everyone to accept or even agree with what I said.

::About the forum hierarchy, there are some people that frequent this forum that have been doing this for a long time; I Ďm not one of them. These people have collections that are top notch and experience to back it up. These people get most of the kudos and really deserve them. Why do people like me answer questions? Because the more senior keepers probably don't want to bother with answering repetitive husbandry, etc questions that the forum can be flooded with, they leave it up to those they have taught. That's where the people in my echelon, so to speak, come in. When posts donít get answered and I know the answer I respond. I have learned a ton of information from reading, personal experience (about a year and a half), but none can come close to what I have learned here. Others may receive the honor one day of being enlightened from the knowledge of these forums and subsequently take over as providers of this information. It's a process of evolution. That's my take on that.

::As for breeding for a profit, there is a distinct difference between keepers and breeders. I donít know anyone on this forum that breeds just for the money and has no concern for the animals. They breed so that future generations can enjoy the beautiful specimens that they have come to love in this hobby. There are probably countless other reasons, but I wonít list them here.

::I appreciate your point of view Matt and since this is a forum, that what itís all about. To offer personal opinions on matters and to allow for discussion and counter opinions.

:That's funny, you started this post by saying, "my original statement was that diamond crosses may be all we have left in the future if things don't get any better. Yet in a post below addressing myself you stated, and I qupte, "obviously you know nothing about Diamonds because they do thrive in captivity". One more contradiction to add to the list. So which is it? Surely if they thrive in captivity here and breed successfully in other countries who I'm sure will eventually import them to the U.S.(if they aren't already), then where's the threat? If you are going to attack people for disagreeing with you and resort to calling those people(me) a troll, then you should try to be a little more consistent with your views and stop back-peddling.

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